Guarantee an exclusive e-mail solution and promote an automated, efficient and excellent service to your customers.

Offer your company’s customers a service via e-mail that is practical, with quick and customized answers that really meet the needs of your consumers.

Olos E-mail is a customer service solution based on electronic messages to receive calls and send documents, information, promotions, publish events and much more.

Everything is now much more efficient in the customer care service of your company!

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Why implement
Olos E-mail?

72% of customers are very or extremely likely to buy from companies with excellent reputation for customer service, according to SurveyMonkey.

It does not matter if your business is physical or online, it is essential to be ready to serve your consumer in different channels, even by e-mail.

With Olos E-mail, your company guarantees the distribution of the e-mails by collaborator or by campaign, monitoring the response time and having full control of the operation.

How our E-mail solution works

Olos E-mail is a customer service channel using electronic messages through which users can send and receive texts, attachments, screenshots and figures.

In the customer service process, the agent reads the messages and, after analyzing their content, can use answers from templates, editing them as needed.

In addition to this, our solution still provides the resource of automatic responses without prior analysis, which can be set in the platform.

It is also possible to send unitary messages through chaining channels, according to the tabulations made by other campaigns, outbound or inbound.

Main advantages of the technology

Promotes agility and efficiency in customer service.
Resolves calls quickly.
Improves customer experience.
Collaborates to increase the productivity of employees.

Integrate E-mail
with OlosChannel

Olos E-mail can still be integrated with other solutions, such as OlosChannel, an Omnichannel communication platform that guarantees quality in the customer experience and satisfaction.

From this integration, the e-mail can be sent in large quantities or individually.

It is important to mention that the choice and hiring of the e-mail provider is the responsibility of the client, with OlosChannel taking advantage of the channel.

Guarantee a differentiated experience for your company’s clients. It attends to your demands with practicality, automation and customization.

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Why invest
in Olos E-mail?

Guarantees optimization in the use of resources.
Increases employee productivity.
Allows customization of the tool for specific campaigns.
Offers the possibility of integration with Omnichannel technology.
Provides monitoring resources for performance evaluation.

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business