Virtual Agent: How to deploy the digital collection in your company?

Technology has become a key ally in corporate relationship strategies with customers. A sensitive but necessary step is the collection process. However, this process can be easier by deploying a virtual agent.

With the virtual agent, your company diversifies and simplifies the processes of collection and payment of overdue bills. It provides more autonomy and easiness for customers. In this way, its benefits impact both the brand and the customers. Even because it reduces noncompliance payments and improves the customer experience.

What are the advantages of the virtual agent for the collection departament?

Through the virtual agent, your business will depend less on the traditional method of collection, that is, the telephone call with a human agent. This option has been considered invasive and embarrassing for the consumer, besides being more costly for the company.

Easiness and flexibility

With the virtual option, the customer can access his relationship history with the company at any time. In addition, features are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Besides the availability, the customer can access information through several different channels, such as telephone, mobile app, chatbot, WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, among others.

With this, he can select the most interesting trading option and there’s no need of interacting with a human agent. Hence, the collection approach is performed by channels that are compatible with this customer behavior.

The autonomy, privacy, simplicity and accessibility of accessing financial issues and solving them make the client more willing to do it. Result: the virtual agent avoids postponements and the payment is made.

Customer relationship

In addition to reducing delinquency, your company can only expect good things with the collection process optimization. With the virtual agent, you can enhance user experience and satisfaction. It contributes to a more positive relationship with the client. The result is a much bigger chance of  this customer being loyal and paying his debts on day.

Cost reduction

Digital collection has also economic impacts for the company. The strategy is significantly cheaper than the call center with human agents solution. The lower operating costs with greater efficiency may be seen in the business’ long-term results.

For a solid growth, it is essential to deploy business automation solutions. As a result, processes become quicker and more efficient. In addition, the absence of the human factor in the operationalization of contacts and in approaching them helps to reduce the risk of mistakes.

How to implement digital collection?

The deployment of the virtual agent, also called a digital agent, is carried out through a specific software, which is developed and provided by specialized companies from the ​​customer service field.

OlosChannel’s Olos Web Interactive (OWI) is the ideal strategy for your business. The software consists in a solution made exclusively for collections and personalized customer service. Furthermore, it provides a visual, sonorous and interactive platform, which performs several customer service and relationship functions.

One of its main features is the digital collection. Thus, it is possible to create an effective billing rule before bills expire, and also to enable automatic negotiations. The software still performs functions like sales, CSC, information gathering, product demonstrations, among others.

As a differential, Olos has a technology capable of analyzing customer history and identifying his most relevant interactions. With this, the software chooses the most suitable channel when approaching the consumer and increases the chances of a successful collection. Do you want to know more about our software? Contact us now.

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