Revolutionize customer service with our digital agents

The customer service made by digital agents is on the rise because it guarantees intelligent and efficient communication in different channels as if it were a human one.

Olos has state-of-the-art technology and specialists to make the automated customer service have interactions from the beginning to the end of the contact. Our digital agents speak like people, have different accents, understand and respond appropriately, resulting in an innovative and successful customer experience.

Digital and human agents, joining forces

In our understanding, the human agent should continue in the customer relationship process by solving more complex questions, through more training, and by becoming a business consultant. The idea is to join forces, with service teams composed of digital agents and humans, each giving their best.

The digital agent uses technology to understand the customer’s needs, answer questions, perform collections, remember due dates of negotiated agreements, and provide product information. In addition, they resolve day-to-day issues, triage the reason for the contact, and transfer it to the human attendant, improving performance and reducing costs in the operation. At this point, the digital agent passes the conversation to a human agent, who is able to close the deal with more details, increasing customer satisfaction.

When transferring the service, the digital agent also transfers all the interaction already done, the decisions made, dates, values, etc., so that the human agent has all the history of the journey, maintaining the fluidity of the conversation and the best resolution of the contact.

Many Possibilities

Olos digital agent is a customized solution according to the needs of each company. Here are some possibilities:

  • Active or receptive attendance;
  • In the worlds of voice or text (Chatbot, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS bot, Telegram, etc.);
  • Innovative visual, audible and interactive self-service multimedia resources for a unique customer experience;
  • To trigger or receive messages;
  • E-mail

Great for the new generations

Our experience shows that consumers prefer to talk to digital agents in several situations. One of them is among young people, many already accustomed to technology, who feel comfortable dialoguing with robots. This is also because robots go straight to the point, they don’t stretch the conversation, which results in a faster and more innovative service.

The ideal situation for digital agents is when dealing with those who have debts to negotiate or are in arrears. It is less embarrassing to admit the lack of money to a robot than to a human being on the other end of the line. Digital agents listen, do not judge, do not criticize, have no mood swings, and use only a professional tone.

Digital agents are better than humans in some other aspects: they are faster, more efficient, don’t take vacations, and don’t get sick. They are the guarantee that service will occur, 24×7 ensuring high performance.

Benefits that Olos Digital Agent provides to the operation

  • Full-time operation;
  • Reduction of errors;
  • Optimization of call time;
  • Automation of processes;
  • Customization of processes;
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel Communication

Meet OlosChannel, Olos’ truly omnichannel platform. All the tools and functionalities are integrated, whether they are voice or text communication (Chatbot, WhastApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS bot, Skype, Telegram, E-mail, etc.) This allows the use of the most efficient channels for each situation, besides the identification of the clients’ preferred channel, reducing complaints by unnecessary actions.

OlosChannel counts on data intelligence for analysis and planning, provides robust reports, monitoring, and mapping of the customer journey in a consolidated way to revolutionize the relationship with the customer.