How the Digital Agent can make dealings and collections easier

New technologies and the changes in the consumers’ behaviors require from the corporations to be on constant innovation if their goal is to improve results and optimize the operation. Considering this scenario, adopting a digital agent is determinant for a bigger quality and efficacy in the Collections Centers.

Below we explain to you what this technology is and how it can contribute on improving your corporation’s results.

The Importance of the Digital Agent

The Digital Agent is a system used to automate the attention service and perform dealings in different channels, such as chat, telephone, website, social network and others, without reducing the humanization and giving you more efficiency.

According to the research “Economist Intelligence Unit Creating a Seamless Customer Experience Report”, 47% of the customers assure that the quickness in attending a demand or a complaint is determinant for their experience.

You can get this bigger agility when opting for the implementation of a Digital Agent. This technology uses mental maps, semantical dictionaries and Data Intelligence in order to identify the customer’s demands and to indicate the best solution for each case.

It’s also important that the Data Intelligence allows these systems to keep evolving, so that the more services you do, the better will be the technology, which is improving itself more and more.

One frequently asked question is about the channels these systems can use. This is a benefit from our solution, because it allows to be in touch with the customer through any channels, such as:

  • Voice (dialer and ACD);
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR);
  • Multimedia agent;
  • SMS Bot;
  • Chatbot (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, etc.);
  • Email;
  • Telephone and others.

With this variety of channels in which the automated services can be performed, this technology provides several benefits for the corporations.

What benefits does this technology provide to the dealings and collection areas?

Such as it happens with the attention services, the Collection Centers also can use this technology in order to provide an innovative experience for their customers.

Costs Reduction

The first benefit refers to the costs reduction, because the digital agent has an attendance capacity much bigger than the operators and the investment on the system has a much smaller cost than the maintenance of a high number of human agents.

The technology allows to increase your ROI once it provides the reduction of the physical structures and the necessity of trainings.

Operation’s Optimization

While two human agents make an average of 300 calls a day, the digital agent can perform around 900 services, what increases the productivity and optimizes the operation, giving bigger profits.

Better Customer’s Experience

Finally, the customer’s experience is determinant, once the Digital Agent fits is tone and approaching according to the customer’s profile, providing a customized service.

The higher customer’s satisfaction also happens due to the faster service, once this technology reduces significantly the estimated waiting time.

How does Olos make dealings and collections easier?

Olos has a Digital Agent exclusive solution. Integrated with OlosChannel, the Olos Web Interactive (OWI) is a visual, sonorous and interactive platform, which allows you to perform collections, sales and CSC, showing your products, making dealings, getting customer’s data and everything else your business may need.

If you want to know more about our solutions for customer’s engagement, be in touch with us and ask for a demonstrative visitation!

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