How can data intelligence improve the customer service of the healthcare companies?

The quality of any healthcare company’s customer service is a must, once there is a sensitivity issue inherent to the moment and also a constant urgency on the demands. To increase the customer service indexes in this sector, data intelligence is an important aspect, contributing to help the whole process.

This technological solution is already widely used in treatments and diagnostics. But there is an increasingly importance of improving the systems of management, attention and relationship.

What are the customer service challenges in the healthcare field?

The study “The US Contact Center Operational Review”, conducted in the USA, has shown that 49% of the time used in healthcare customer service centers was used for administrative tasks, after-service and inactivity. Meanwhile, only 40% of this time was actually allocated to the customer attention.

In Brazil, the expectation is that between 30% and 40% of the time is used with these administrative tasks. These processes include records, searches and retrieving information.

Hence, the main challenges of the health care service are related to the lack of agility and efficiency. This is because a large part of the processes and resources end up being used for tasks that could be automated, or at least facilitated by deploying data intelligence.

In addition to this, these bureaucratic activities take a considerable time of the agents’ day, which ends up being bad to the customer service’s quality.

What are the benefits of data intelligence in the healthcare customer service?

Data intelligence consists in processing information in different moments of the attention service and processes. Thus, with the collected data, it becomes possible to generate insights and know-how that could be applied in the same service, improving and perfecting it.

To know how this resource can be deployed in ​​health’s sector, we have something to say about three important points when talking about data intelligence:

Service Agility

A common thing to happen in the ​​healthcare sector is that it is necessary to repeat information about the patient’s conditions, in addition to the requirement of redoing the registration for appointments, examinations and hospitalizations.

Data intelligence makes possible for the customer to provide all this information only once, what reduces the need for repetition and avoids delays when delivering exams and scheduling appointments. This is because of the capacity to eliminate these more unnecessary bureaucratic processes.

Communication’s Assertiveness

A clinic, hospital or health service provider attends to different publics with different characteristics. There are different types of health problems, income, gender, age, among other points.

Due to these differences, the monitoring of the communication with the patient allows the dialogue to be more assertive in the future. A data intelligence tool stores all the contacts and patients’ information. Thus, this data can be easily accessed by the agent during any contact.

It assures that the patient does not need to repeat information, in addition to providing a more customized service, once the professional will have all the history of interactions, only without the medical record, protected by its secrecy.

Patient satisfaction

The situation of stress and fragility of the patient makes the quality of service an important differential. With a humanized service and empathy, the professional will achieve a high-quality performance during the service.

Therefore, with the Data Intelligence, it will be possible to improve all the contacts made with the health operator, in addition to providing more agility in the resolution of demands, from scheduling consultations and online exams, to disclosing the diagnosis and following up the patient’s state.

How to improve the attention service quality by using technology?

In order for the healthcare service providers to improve the quality of their services, technology is an important ally. With the OlosChannel platform, you can assure to your customers a differentiated support for demands in the healthcare area with an Omnichannel service. The technology has been developed using data intelligence. With this, the platform can monitor the client’s journey, provide complete reports on the interactions and identify the most relevant channels for your patients.

The OlosChannel guarantees all the necessary features for a quality service on healthcare. Get more information about how technology can help you. Contact us right now and request a demonstration!

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