Digital agent: learn how this technology helps in customer retention

Currently, the quality of service is closely related to the best capacity of customer retention and more satisfaction in the service journey. In this scenario, the use of the digital agent becomes critical to provide agility and efficiency.

The digital agent is a technology that allows automating the service by different channels, voice or text, guaranteeing a standardized service and without losing the humanization of contact.

This technology uses data intelligence, semantic dictionaries, and mind maps to enhance customer service. So when a consumer comes in contact with a company and is served electronically, you can be sure that there is a digital agent behind that process.

What Is The Impact Of The Digital Agent On Customer Relationship And Retention?

By understanding what the digital agent is, the manager must understand how this solution impacts the relationship and customer service of the brand. Here are three factors that are influenced by this type of technology, check it out!

Omnichannel Experience

The digital agent is directly related to the omnichannel experience. This consists in offering several channels for the service, so that the consumer can make contact through the channel that has the most affinity, either by voice, or by text, at the time that suits him.

In addition to offering more contact possibilities for the customer, using a customer engagement solution makes it possible to monitor the entire contact and obtain a map of the service journey through unified reports.

Customization Of Service

The combination of these technologies provides market intelligence for the company, as it allows it to map and monitor the customer service journey in a personalized way.

By identifying the most relevant channels for the consumer and maintaining the approach by them, more satisfaction is guaranteed in the contacts made by the company. In addition, the digital agent uses data intelligence and machine learning to optimize customer service in order to provide a more complete customer experience.

Customer Retention

As a result of this diversity of channels in which it is possible to perform customer service and personalization of the contacts, with the digital agent automating and streamlining approaches to make them more effective, the result is customer retention.

Currently, customer retention and loyalty capacity is directly related to the experience provided, which is also influenced by the quality of service, available channels, the agility and the effectiveness of the contact.

How Do Digital Agents Work?

Digital agents can be used in different channels such as telephone, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and others chatbots. They use data intelligence to increase the quality of contacts and provide more customer satisfaction.

You can also count on other unique features of OlosChannel, such as Olos Web Interactive (OWI), the Olos videobot.

OWI is a visual, sound and interactive platform developed to perform various customer service tasks, such as billing, sales and customer attendance service, product demonstration, negotiations and data collection.

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