Digital Agent

It revolutionizes the relationship with customers and provides an innovative experience using the digital agent.

New automation strategy in customer service, the digital agent guarantees an intelligent and efficient service and promotes an excellent customer experience.

The technology understands the customer’s need, answers questions, provides information about products and doubts and eliminates the need for a human operator. Our digital agent can also be used to solve daily questions, evaluate the reason for the contact and transfer to the human agent, transforming the operator into a business consultant.

Olos Digital Agent is a voice recognition solution for outbound and inbound care, promoting interactions from the beginning to the end of the contact. And the most important, our digital agents never go on vacation, don’t make pauses and don’t get sick, assuring the maximum performance of your team.

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Automation in
customer service
on different channels

It automates the service in different communication channels and allows interaction with the client through the most diverse sources. Everything as if it were a human being! The digital agent can be applied in:

SMS bot
Chatbot (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, etc.)
Olos Web Interactive (OWI)

How to use the digital agent in your company?

Applied in different sectors of the operation, the digital agent guarantees more efficiency, agility and quality in the provision of the service, reduces the duration of service time and operational costs.

Our technology is capable of solving customer demands with personalized attention flows in the areas of:

Customer Service
Polls / investigations
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Customize customer service with the digital agent

We have several options of personas which suit perfectly to the particularities of each specific target audience.

Our technology improves the service of attention without losing the humanization in the contact and guarantees personalization in the approach.

The digital agent identifies the demands presented by the consumer and indicates the best solution for each case.

With data intelligence and machine learning, the solution evolves to respond to customer demands in the best way and, on top of that, adjusts the way of speaking according to the consumer’s profile.

Everything to create more identification and provide a more complete customer experience.

Digital Agent

benefits for business

Increased agent productivity:

The digital agent allows contacting more clients in a shorter time interval, reducing the average service time and waiting time, and at the same time increasing the sector’s productivity.

Call time optimization:

The client is attended immediately by the digital agent and can have their problem solved in a few minutes, without the need to contact an operator.

Reduction of operation costs:

Technology guarantees savings for your company, by reducing the costs of the physical structure and the resources allocated to the equipment. Thus, it is possible to increase ROI (return on investment).

Full time operation:

With the digital agent acting in various roles, customers can contact the company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, improving consumer satisfaction.

Ease for the client:

The automation makes customer service more consumer friendly as the customer can use voice commands to make their request. Without the need to navigate through menus and options.

Process customization:

The technology can be adjusted according to the profile of the audience and according to the stages of the customer journey, defining the processes executed by the digital agent.

Error reduction:

Regardless of the communication channel accessed, the digital agent avoids errors in the registration of information, since it automatically stores all the client’s data and requests.

Process automation:

With the automation of processes in customer service, it is possible to optimize the operation, reduce the call time and guarantee greater efficiency in solving problems.

Improved customer satisfaction:

Reduced call time, personalization of customer service, greater agility in processes and in the resolution of demands guarantee greater consumer satisfaction, which increases loyalty and even attracts new customers.

Your results
with the Omnichannel strategy

Explore the full potential of the digital agent by integrating it with OlosChannel, Olos’s Omnichannel platform.

It provides various means of contact to perform the service through the consumer’s most affinity channel, either by voice or text, and at the time that is most convenient for him.

With unified solutions, it is possible to monitor all contacts and get a complete mapping of the customer journey.

With this, it guarantees better operating results and better profitability.

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Why invest
in the digital agent?

Automated flow of customer service
Increased agility, efficiency and communication quality
Personalization in the operation of the service
Easily configured
It is possible to measure performance through reports

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business