Olos, Brazil’s most awarded dialer.

Promote significant transformations in the customer service of your company with the implementation of the call dialer.

Olos has 3 different dialer models to provide a more complete and qualified customer service and thus increase the productivity of the team.

It is possible to choose the ideal solution to attend to the particularities of your operation, be it for a call center, collection, sales or direct relationship with the client.

Analyze the objectives and needs of your business and identify the dialer that best fits your company profile.

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Main dialer


Predictive dialer

Employ an advanced algorithm to understand the best time to make a simultaneous number of calls.

That is, it has the ability to predict the time it takes for the current call to end and the agent to start the next one.

It delivers a viable call as soon as the previous one is finished, reducing the idle time of the operators.

Automatic dialer

Make calls only when the operator is available to initiate the next call.

Trigger multiple calls simultaneously for mailing and, with complementary technologies, identify the most effective contacts.

It manages to make an effective call in less time and ensures that good contacts are not left without a service.

Optimize service and increase operator productivity.

Preview dialer

Displays customer information for operator analysis before dialing

The operator visualizes all the data and activates the “dial” button when ready.

This type of dialer monitors all operator times (analysis, choice, marking, speaking and tabulation) and delivers reports to the manager.

It is recommended to improve the quality of the attention services, since the agents have substantial information about the client before the call.

More dialer

Learn about other resources used in the call dialer according to the needs of your company

Number track:

Interpret data regarding contact attempts and successes day after day, keeping a history of customer behavior and verifying what the preferred schedule of each customer profile is for future attempts.

Silence analysis:

It works to detect fraud in the operation, identifying when the client ends the call and the operator does not effectively do so. Thus, the system monitors the silence to know if the operator is “resting” or what.

Mailing sanitation:

Automatic campaigns are created to cover the entire base to be dialed and classify it between valid and invalid numbers, using only the signaling of the call, which avoids the collection of a telephone fee.

Integrated softphone:

The tool allows monitoring the agent, giving advice, participating in the call, automatically unlocking the “mute” function, displaying the customer’s name, controlling volume gain, among other functions.

Full control panel:

It has personalized reports by campaigns, mailing, agents, among others, in addition to service metrics and call recording, facilitating the management and monitoring of calls in real time and guaranteeing complete management of the operation.

Benefits of using dialers
on your business

Learn about other resources used in the call dialer according to the needs of your company:

Automation of processes
Greater assertiveness of the contacts
Reduced waiting time
Increased quality of care service
Decrease in the idle time of the operators
Improved employee productivity
Reduction of the cost in the operation

Ensure even
better results
with OlosChannel

In addition to the benefits of call dialer, your business can get an even higher return by investing in OlosChannel.

The solution offers from Omnicanal platform, call dialers, inbound attention, digital agent, to Olos Web Interactive (OWI), an exclusive solution.

It integrates various communication channels, such as email, WhatsApp phone, Skype, chat, Facebook and much more!

Everything to optimize the use of technology in your operation, revolutionize the customer experience and generate better results.

Why adopt
the predictive dialer?

Customized to the needs of the operation
Optimization of customer service and more efficiency
Ease for metric monitoring
Integration with OlosChannel

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business