Learn how data intelligence makes customer service easier

More options, greater access to information, and less incentive to be loyal: these are some of the reasons why current consumers are in control of their relationships with companies. And, to meet this new demand, customer experience is keyword and data intelligence the primary means to achieve success.

According to the “State of the Connected Customer” done by Salesforce Research, 80% of customers report that “the experience provided by a company is as important as its products and services”. Therefore, there is a rampant race between companies from different segments to offer a unique service, which generates identification in the target audience.

In this scenario, new technologies, such as big data, chatbots, omnichannel platforms, have become essential in order to achieve this new customer profile and increase retention. But more than that, technological advancement is providing process optimization and even cost reduction for customer relationships.

Data Intelligence To Optimize Your Service

But how can data intelligence bring real results and optimize customer service? Before answering this question, think about the main difficulties of the customer service industry. Well, this technology is capable of optimizing most of them.

According to data from the global IT research group IDC, by 2020, about $ 47 billion of the world’s market revenue will be invested in technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data intelligence.

This trend occurs because the ability to gather and analyze data is critical for companies to take strategic action and thus optimize processes, reduce costs and gain insights into new products. In addition to, of course, facilitate customer service.

Here are some benefits that new technologies provide to customer service! 

Increases The Number Of Effective Contacts

One of the main challenges of active customer service and the collection centers of big companies is to achieve contact with the target customer. A platform that uses data intelligence makes it possible to explore and understand mailing to connect them with the most assertive communication channels such as Skype, e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and others. This is how you direct your channel efforts where your audience is really available.

Improve Customer Experience

Speaking to your customer on his channel of preference, you offer a unique experience and enhance his relationship with the brand. How many times did you prefer to speak by text message rather than by phone? Each person has a specific expectation and preference. So be present and talk to your customers on every possible channel.   

Reduces Complaints

The improvement in the customer experience generates positive results in several aspects, such as increasing the brand’s positive reputation and, at the same time, reducing complaints – which reduces the demand for your SAC, whether in the telephone service or in the monitoring of social media and complaint website.

OlosChannel: Latest-generation Omnichannel Platform

Now that you know how data intelligence helps customer service, you must be wondering how to implement this technological innovation in your company.

OlosChannel is Olos’s exclusive omnichannel platform that uses data intelligence to deliver a fully integrated and innovative solution for companies seeking to fit into the Digital Era.

This technology brings together several channels: voice (dialer and dac), URA, digital agent, WhatsApp, SMS, chatbot, e-mail, among others, in a single platform – allowing the use of the most efficient channels for each scenario or which are of the customer’s preference.

OlosChannel also has a powerful digital agent that is capable of performing complex collection, sales and SAC tasks – which modernizes the entire service of your company and offers an incredible experience to your customers.

Olos’s digital agent demonstrates products, negotiates, and collects data and several other actions that are strategic for companies. All this, integrated with the known tools of service and contact center, like URA, dialer and more!

Contact us and learn more about this technology!

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