How to optimize call dialing process in a call center?

There are currently different types of call dialers available for call centers. These systems enable you to increase staff productivity and provide completer and more qualified customer service.

With many existing models, each company can find the ideal solution to meet internal demands.

Here are some of the advantages of call center call dialing and how to optimize its usage along with other technologies.


Dialers bring a number of benefits to call center companies. After all, they help promote significant transformations in these organizations. For example:

  • Process automation;
  • Operation cost reduction;
  • Improved employee productivity.

In addition, this technology provides 3 major advantages to enhance company results. Check out!

1. Suitable to each business needs

Managers can evaluate the type of call dialer that best fits the company’s particularities. Among them are:

Predictive Dialer: Automatically dials while the operator is still on the previous call. Therefore, it is indicated when the volume of contacts is lower than expected due to delay in the process of dialing and waiting for the attendants;

Autodialer: The system performs dialing by directing the contact to the attendant. This decreases average operating time and optimizes service;

Dialer preview: This is recommended for improving call quality, as agents have substantial customer information before initiating contact.

Therefore, the call center company can set the option that best meets the needs of the moment.

2. Customer Care Improvement

Call dialer allows you to spend less time on manual processes. This allows attendants to focus more on the calls. Thus, you can improve customer service and contact effectiveness, with more chances to solve problems and meet goals.

3. Easy of metrics monitoring

To keep a favorable system for data collection and processing is important for managers to keep track of business metrics. This enables companies to get complete insight and monitor the performance of callers and the entire call center industry.

If the result is below expectations, it is possible to invest in solutions and training to improve performance indicators.


In addition to the general benefits of implementing an automatic call dialer, there are strategies that can be adopted to make it even more assertive and efficient. See two examples!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consists of a software in which all customer related information is entered. For example: history, purchase journey stage, contact channel preferences, etc.

In addition to automating the contact process, the solution allows agents to easily access customer information, which makes it possible to customize the approach.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a software that enables call routing, allowing you to concentrate calls into groups or queues. For example, when a robot indicates extension options and directs the customer to the service area that is most capable of solving their demand.

This way, attendants can answer calls that are more related to customer needs. Or even the consumer may have an automatic “pre-service” to confirm the data, facilitating further service.


Whether for service, billing or sales, OlosChannel is an omnichannel platform for customer relationships. The tool is designed with a focus on providing an innovative consumer experience.

OlosChannel offers from the omnichannel platform to a unique digital agent solution. Plus, it integrates a variety of communication channels like email, phone, whatsapp, skype, chat, facebook and more!

The technology uses data intelligence to interpret mailing preferences, distributing it to the most assertive channels. In addition, you can customize the system to meet your business needs to make the most of it.

In addition, OlosChannel features native call dialer integration with other features such as CRM and IVR, optimizing the use of technology. Willing to know more? Get in touch now!

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