How to improve the customers loyalty with technology and Data Intelligence?

With the explosion of the digital revolution and the consequent changes in the customer behavior, corporations from different areas had to reinvent themselves.  One of the solutions, leveraged by the usage of new technologies, was to think about the customer loyalty starting from using Data Intelligence, in order to provide a richer experience for the customers.

Nowadays, corporations need to use data and technology if they want to generate more concrete and positive results to their brand. After all, the today’s customer expects a quicker and more customized communication, which could bring an innovative experience – in other words, your customer wants to be surprised.

According to the report “State of the Connected Customer”, from Salesforce Research: “51% of the customers assure that the most of the corporations leave to be desired in relation to their expectancy for an excellent experience”, what reinforces more the necessity of aligning with the customer’s desires and, in this way, increase their loyalty to your brand.

What’s the importance of the customer’s journey in the loyalty process

According to the Tata Consultancy Services report “Getting Smarter by the Day: How is AI increasing the global corporations’ performance”, more than 70% of the interviewed people assure to believe that this technology is going to affect areas such as Marketing, Customer Service and Sales until 2020.

Considering this, using Data Intelligence focusing the corporation’s relationship with the customer shows to be a trend, and also a necessity in which corporations will have to fit in over the next years so that they can continue to be relevant.

The customer journey is a very important aspect of this new scenario. When we track it, it’s possible to have a better clearness of the public’s profile, such as their needs and preferences. Besides that, it becomes possible to know which are the more assertive communication channels to be in touch with them.

All of that optimizes the customer’s relationship with the brand, what increases the chances of retention and a bigger loyalty from them.

How to get a bigger consumer loyalty by using new technologies?

Once you recognize the importance of tracking the customer’s journey to provide him a better experience and creates the loyalty we wanted, it becomes necessary to understand what’s the role of the technology all over this process.

The whole amount of generated data in the Customer Service department must be reverted in usable knowledge by the means of the Data Intelligence, what means to systematize, analyze and obtain relevant information which wouldn’t be known without the right software.

Nowadays, there are technologies which allow this data analysis process to be systematic, making the new data already to be processed, affecting the previous reports.

When implementing a software for customer engagement, for example, besides this Data Intelligence process in the macro, defining the customer’s characteristics in each stage of the buying journey, it’s also possible to customize the service.

That’s possible because our system crosses the available information on the customer’s history of actions in order to identify what kind of product and approach is more relevant to him, such as the most suitable channel to be used for contacting him.

Differently from other technologies, the Olos’ exclusive customer engagement software, allows an Omnichannel experience, so that the customer can be attended on the channel he wants and the data of this service can be monitored.

This way, if the brand’s goal is to know how to increase the customer’s loyalty by using new technologies, it’s a must to consider the implementation of a multichannel technology seeking to improve the customer’s experience so he can be a more loyal client.

If you want to know more about the OlosChannel, be in touch with us and ask for a demonstrative visitation!

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