How does data intelligence impact your communication strategy

Currently, data intelligence has become a fundamental pillar of the communication strategy of companies of different sizes and segments. Despite this importance, many managers still question the benefits of the solution.

Data intelligence consists of using information collected from customers to generate business insights. The strategy includes developing the steps of data collection, processing, analysis and storage, functions that should be facilitated by the use of software for engagement and communication.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Data Intelligence In Communication?

Since the application of data intelligence in communication strategies, customer service and customer relationship becomes more common, more companies evaluate the advantages and necessity of adopting this solution. Know below the main benefits generated.

Predictability Of Strategic Actions

The first advantage with data intelligence is the predictability of strategic actions, increasing the company’s professionalism and reducing the risks that substantial changes in brand practices are not well accepted by the public.

By analyzing data, managers come to know and better map the profile of the target audience, improving decision-making and actions implemented.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By knowing better the consumer profile, customized and more assertive strategies can be developed, which will directly influence customer satisfaction with the brand and also the chances of retention and loyalty.

These aspects are fundamental since loyal consumers are more valuable to the company because they have a higher average ticket and a lower cost of conversion and sale.

Process Optimization

The data intelligence allows knowing all the processes carried out in the company, improving the development of the actions and making it possible to identify and solve operating bottlenecks that can make communication strategies less effective and work team less efficient.

Reduced Operating Costs

Another impact of the use of data in the company strategy refers to the reduction of operational costs, both by identifying the problems in the development of the activities and by the adoption of automated tools.

Increased Competitiveness

As a consequence of the other benefits, the company becomes more competitive and has the possibility to identify trends in the market and in the behavior of the consumer before the competition, which significantly improves the positioning of it before the customers.

What Tool To Use In The Communication Strategy?

These various advantages with data intelligence are only possible when the company adopts a suitable tool to support the communication strategy, since a wrong choice in this case can prejudice the implementation of the solution and its effectiveness.

OlosChannel, customer engagement software developed by Olos, allows performing in an automated way all the mapping of the customer’s journey purchase, using data intelligence to correctly distribute the customer’s mailing according to the channel preferences presented.

With this, each consumer will have a personalized service in the most preferred channel of his. The tool also counts on digital agents that perform a series of processes in an automated way, like attendance, demonstration of products, negotiations, collections and others.

By choosing the most complete tool for your business and knowing the benefits that can be expected with a data intelligence strategy, branding increases your chances of success and becoming more profitable.

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