How does autodialer work for corporations?

Automatic call dialing is a very useful option for overcoming issues with in-house sales and corporate billing. After all, the solution provides an operation’s increased productivity and improves the service quality.

Addressing key challenges is something critical in these industries. The obsolete processes and low technological renewal are some of those challenges, which causes poor team performance, employee idleness and a drop in the organization’s profitability.

Therefore, automatic call dialing is essential to overcome these obstacles and to help business growth.


To understand how autodialing works, you must know first that we have several options of it. Thus, the different models aim to meet the specific demands of each company. Everything to make your business completer and more efficient.

Here are the main types:

Predictive dialer

The predictive dialer uses data intelligence in order to identify when the ongoing calls are about to end. Thus, the system already starts new dials so that there is a customer on line as soon as the current call is finished.

With this practice, the agent doesn’t have to dial, which increases business’ productivity by forwarding one call after another.

The solution also allows the operator to forward or postpone a call if they need more time to complete the current call with quality.

Automatic call dialer

In the auto dialer, the next call is only started when the attendant becomes available. However, the system dials multiple numbers at the same time, reducing the required time for effective contact.

If more than one contact answers the call, it is forwarded to other free attendants. This ensures that the customer is not left unattended.

Dialer preview

This type of dialer is focused on more complex purchasing processes. With this feature, the agent views the customer information and, only after analyzing all the data, authorizes the system to make the call.

Thus, communication becomes more strategic and personalized. This allows you to reduce the number of calls made per day but increase the effectiveness of the approaches.


It is clear, therefore, that call dialers can function in different ways according to the chosen model. But regardless of the type chosen, the benefits to businesses are many. For example:

  • Reduction of operating costs;
  • Higher quality customer service;
  • Increased attendant productivity;
  • Real time calls monitor;
  • Availability of self-service channels.

These advantages provide a good return on investment in technology. As well as, they enable to overcome challenges in the domestic sales and billing sectors.


To help your organization enjoy the full benefits of the solutions presented here, you can count on OlosChannel! This customer engagement software offers all the features a billing center needs, such as automatic call dialing, real-time monitoring and IVR.

The feature is also integrated with unique features such as the digital agent (OWI) and a data intelligence dialer, which distributes mailing according to each client’s preferred communication channels such as Messenger, WhatsApp, email, SMS, voice and others.

These technologies allow you to increase the amount of effective customer contacts by ensuring the right approach, using customer’s preferred channel. Want to know more? Contact us and talk to our experts!

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