Data Intelligence: make your customer service more humanized

The new buying behaviors make the customers to desire practicality and quickness in the brands attention service, but it also makes they worth the humanization of those contacts. Having this challenge in hands, corporations have lately invested more and more in Data Intelligence looking forward to finding a solution for it.

Data Intelligence consists in the capacity of collecting, storing and analyzing data, aiming to generate insights and obtain usable information to help the brand on its decision makings and improving the customer’s attention.

What’s the importance of Data Intelligence on the humanized attention service?

Corporations can opt for an automated service of for human agents. In both cases, the data usage is a must to guarantee a bigger humanization for this contact and to increase customer’s satisfaction.

In this context, Data Intelligence must be used to identify the customers needs and solve them in a quick and assertive way. One of the examples of a necessary solution for this kind of strategy is to maintain the history of actions of each customer.

Despite it looks simple, this solution allows to monitor the evolution of the relationship with the brand and allows to customize the service.

Data Intelligence can be also summed to the usage of chatbots in order to improve the attention service with automated strategies. Know more about this option below!

Which strategies we must adopt in order to humanize the customer’s attention service?

A recent research from Zenvia along with Opinion Box revealed that 60% of the customers assure that chatbots offer them quickness and easiness in the service; besides that, 40% of them already believe that chatbots will help to increase the customers’ loyalty to brands.

In this way, it’s possible to observe that in spite of being very young strategies, those are very well-accepted by the public, what makes even more interesting for the companies to make this investment.


Used in apps and websites, chatbots has been more and more popular. This technology uses Data Intelligence summed to the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve customers’ doubts and to contribute in the sales processes.

Due to the constant software learning, it improves itself, getting better and better and increasing the communication assertiveness, humanizing the service.


The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) also uses the Data Intelligence to make the phone attention service easier. Working as a Digital Agent, this solution allows you to address the customer to the correct department and quicken the service.

This tool also allows to solve doubts and collect information without being necessary to transfer the calling to a human agent.

How does Oloschannel work?

Considering that’s worthful to have the most suitable solutions for improving the customer’s attention service by using Data Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, it’s essential for any corporation to have a modern technology, such as OlosChannel.

Our software for customer engagement has an exclusive functionality, the Olos Web Interactive (OWI), a visual, interactive and audible platform thought for performing different actions, such as collections, sales, CSC, dealings, data collecting, and others.

The solution uses Data Intelligence and Machine Learning, what allows to be more assertive while it’s being used, improving the business’ communication and relationship with its customers. Are you interested in guaranteeing a complete management of your operations by using Data Intelligence? Be in touch with us and ask for a demonstrative visitation!

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