Olos Inbound: automated service that understands the customer, without delay and with guaranteed satisfaction.

As a consumer, you have already experienced it:

When you call a company, the service is done through a recording that presents you one menu after another, without the options being exactly what you are looking for. Or it is referred from one person to another, having to repeat again the information already given. It’s a long and frustrating call, a nightmare.

Do the clients of your company also go through this? What if we solve it with an agile and efficient customer service?

With Olos Inbound, the customer who calls the company is served by an automated system that understands the request immediately, without menus, without delay. This is possible because we use Artificial Intelligence resources and state-of-the-art technologies.

The system answers calls with a bot that greets the person on the other end of the line and asks how they can be helpful. By listening to the demand, the bot understands and responds. If the customer asks to buy a pay-per-view program or get a second copy of an invoice, for example, the system responds and can present different alternatives for the service to proceed: you can forward to the self-service or ask if the customer wants to speak to a assistant.

If the person asks to speak to the assistant, the system intelligently redirects, going to the available agent or queuing the call. The system also advises the customer how long to wait and offers other service channels. In turn, upon receiving the redirected call, the assistant has before him a screen with all the information already provided. Thus, time is not wasted asking again for the data already provided, such as the name, the document or what the person needs.

Olos Inbound optimizes call time, providing cost reduction and customer satisfaction. It is also an excellent tool to support targeted marketing or sales campaigns.

Olos Inbound Features

IVR – Interactive Voice Response – Responds to calls, resolves doubts and directs service, if necessary. In the event that the customer needs to provide numbers such as the document or a code, they can choose to do so by typing or by voice. The system also plays predefined audios or TTS (Text-To-Speech). To find out more, click here.

ACD – Automatic Call Distributor – Optimizes and facilitates the routing of the receptive contact. The system checks which operators are available and automatically directs the call. If all are busy, a waiting queue is established on a first-come, first-served basis. The system informs the customer of the time it will take to be served.

WEB Interactive – Promotes extensive management on the Olos platform via the Web in real time. Get more information here.

Blended – Automated management between the Inbound and Outbound worlds.

Digital Agent – Voice Bot to automate customer service in a practical and humanized way. Get more information here.

Integrated communication

Olos Inbound is a solution that integrates with OlosChannel. In other words, it is part of an omnichannel suite, providing multiple channels of service, so the customer journey is more efficient. Communication can start with one channel and end with another, with the entire service path consolidated in one place.

OlosChannel integrates several channels in the world of text and voice: Digital agent, SMS bot, OWI, Chatbot (Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram etc) and email in a single platform.

Take your customer communication to the next level. Olos helps your company with an efficient relationship strategy with excellent results.