Learn more about the Google’s theory of the customer’s micro-moments

Technology has influenced on the customer’s journey in a way that the interactions he makes with the corporations and the stages before finishing a buy are more determined by digital factors, like the behavior analysis of the customers.

Thinking of this scenario, the experts of one of the technology’s giant – Google – studied the new stages that determine a buy decision. Look here what are the micro-moments and this theory’s impact on the corporations’ strategies.

What are Google’s Micro-moments?

The concept of micro-moments was developed around 2015 as from an analysis of the Google Users’ behaviors. The experts have identified that the buying journey isn’t about a linear and unique path.

By doing this, it was identified that, talking about the buying decision of a product or of hiring a service, the customer goes through several moments of researching, discoveries and confirmations that contribute to his decision.

According to Google, “the decisions started to be taken in instants of impulse, generated from a necessity that doesn’t have scheduled time to appear anymore”.

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This behavior is related to the smartphone usage, once the Google’s research has identified that 94% of the smartphone users search for information when doing a task. It has also been verified that 80% of the Brazilian people that own a smartphone use the device to search about products or services of his interest.

We can share the micro-moments in four main categories:

  • I want to know: moment related to the necessity of information and knowledge, in which the customer looks forward to improving himself about a subject or a product;
  • I want to go: It refers to the craving of going until a physical store to buy the product. This behavior is related to geolocation strategies;
  • I want to do: Moment related to the desire of new experiences or realizations as searching a recipe or a DIY.
  • I want to buy: Moment related to the desire of making a deal, in which the customer presents several behaviors of analysis, comparing and pondering, for example.

Employing the micro-moments on the brand’s strategy depends directly on the capacity of mapping and analyzing the customer’s behavior.

How the behavior analysis helps to identify these moments?

Mapping the customer’s buying journey is a determinant aspect in order to develop a micro-moments-based strategy. Monitoring these opportunities during the process makes feasible to have more efficient approaches according to the customer’s moment.

Knowing the customer’s journey allows the corporation to early develop contents, strategies and approaches to be used when the customer reaches a micro-moment in the buying process.

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For doing this, it’s necessary to do the customer’s behavior analyses, understanding the characteristics of his persona, such as his preferences, fears, curiosities, hobbies, necessities, etc.

A hint for reaching a good result with this strategy is focusing on the mobile development because, as Google has showed in its study, many moments are triggered from a smartphone.

It’s also necessary some investment from the corporation in an omnichannel relationship, so that the customer can reach contact by different channels, being approached in his preferred channel, what increases the chances of having a successful contact.

An example of it is the Olos Channel, developed by Olos with the goal of making better and easier the relationship between customers and brands in several channels, using concrete marketing strategies, such as behavior analysis, monitoring, auto service and others, in order to provide a better customer’s experience and data intelligence for the brand.

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