How to track the customer’s journey and increase his satisfaction with your brand

People have never talked so much about tracking the customer’s journey. After all, it’s something essential for promoting a good experience to the brand’s customers.

According to Gartner, around 50% of the next years investment will be focused on the customer’s experience – this data reveals how corporations are looking forward to fitting to the changes in the habits of their customers. Besides that, according to the second edition of the “State of the Connected Customer” report, signed by Salesforce research, 80% of the clients understand that the experience provided by a corporation is as important as their products and services.

Is your business ready to attend the expectations from the nowadays’ customers? In this post, we’ll explain to you how to track your customer’s journey in order to increase their satisfaction with your brand. Keep on with us!

The client’s journey must be Omnichannel

The easiness of Internet connection and the bad reputation of the traditional CCS Services took the customers to look for other service channels. In the case of the collections and sales centrals, it’s not always that their target can or wants to receive phone calls, considering that other communication channels would be more effective. What to do in those cases?

Offering different channels is not enough. It’s important to integrate all the mediums to establish patterns and increase the contact’s effectiveness, not to say about the improvement in the customer’s experience.

With a unified communication it’s possible to have all the information about the target, being possible to predict which is the best channel to get in touch with them. Moreover, it still optimizes the customer’s relationship tracking and management.

Now, imagine how much benefits you can provide to your client. The Global Consumer Pulse research, performed by Accenture, testified that 91% of the customers are angry for having to make contact several times for the same reason.

In a collection central, the profits can be even bigger. After all, the main difficulty of the agents in there is to reach their target. Being conscious about in which channel he’ll be more inclined to answer, the conversion can be infinitely bigger.

How to track the customer’s journey?

The customer’s journey tracking must focus on the study’s main object: the customer. You have to trace its profile and know deeply its needs. Here are some important questions to take into account:

Who are the people?

The persona is the representation of your target. At the moment of defining it, you must consider its gender, age, where it lives and its buying power, besides some main behaviors, routine and other important data that can have an impact in your communication.

Which are the channels?

You must know which are the interaction channels of the customer with your business and in which moments he uses it.

Each interaction between the customer and the brand represents the actions paths that each persona crosses until the deal is done and/or until a problem is solved.

When we discover the preferred moments and channels of your target, we have the basis to take strategic decisions. That’s why those data must be constantly analyzed.

What’s the story of the client with the brand?

It’s important to have the thorough data about the customer’s interactions with your business, from the beginning to the end of the contact, such as:

         Number of contacts;

         Number of complaints, suggestions and compliments;

         Number of solved problems;

         Number of signed or renewed contracts;

         Which channels were used;

         And lots of others!

How to deploy the customer’s journey tracking in your business

In order to gather this information and to deploy the customer’s journey tracking, you require a software for customers engagement which optimizes your business communication.

The OlosChannel technology uses data intelligence to provide a completely integrated and innovative solution for corporations. Besides that, it gathers several channels: voice (dialer and ACD), IVR, digital agent, WhatsApp, SMS Bot, Chatbot, email, among others, in one single platform – which allows you to use the most efficient channels for each scenario, or according to your customer’s preference.

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