7 actions to transform detractor clients into defenders of your brand

The growth in the number of the detractor customers indicates the brand is not attending their expectations when it comes to the attention service and the customer’s experience, and this can result in a significative reduction of sales and your brand’s active buyers.

In order to identify the detractor customers, it’s necessary to develop solutions for measuring the satisfaction, like by using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). On this metric, the customer is questioned if he would recommend the brand to a friend, choosing an index from 0 to 10.

After identified the detractors, there’s still a question: how to change them into defenders of your brand? Keep reading this post and learn it!

1 – Understanding the reason of the dissatisfaction

The first step in order to reconquering a customer is to discover what’s the reason of his dissatisfaction. For doing this, the best strategy is, simply, asking him about it.

Nevertheless, some problems, like a delayed delivery, doesn’t require any actions, once these data are easy to identify when the customer’s journey is being monitored.

Starting from it we can develop actions and strategies which allow us to reconquer the unsatisfied customer.

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2 – Recognizing the fails and apologizing

When opening a complaint, many people do it because they are unhappy, impatient and unsatisfied, which makes these people to be rude or unmannered, however, it’s crucial for the agent to be rational at this moment to not aggravate the situation.

It’s recommended that the brand recognizes its own mistakes and apologize, solving the problem and going beyond to satisfy the detractor customer and change his opinion.

3 – Showing it matters and searching for immediate solutions

Besides recognizing the problems, it’s important that the customer perceives the brand’s effort and dedication to solve everything. Thereby, it’s important that all the providences are taken immediately.

You must develop contention solutions in advance, so that if there’s any problems, you have a defined process to solve it in a more effective way.

4 – Exceeding the customer’s expectations

When a customer is disappointed with the brand, solving the initial problem is not enough for him to be satisfied, being necessary to go beyond and to exceed his expectations so that he began a defender of the brand.

5 – Learning with the mistakes and avoiding having the same problems more than once

The critics about the customer’s experience must be faced by the brand in a positive way, so this information can be used to improve and optimize the processes, reducing the operational mistakes and avoiding similar fails to dissatisfy other customers.

6 – Appraising the detractor customers’ feedback

Many corporations fear the detractor customers, however, a compliment from a customer who was initially unhappy is much more worthful than the same compliment from a satisfied customer.

Therefore, all the customers’ feedbacks must be appraised and used in order to improve corporation’s processes and results, making it more efficient in the resolution of problems.

7 – Provide several attention service channels

Nowadays, customers demand diversity of channels, so they can do their requests in several platforms, according to their preference or availability.

By knowing that, it’s essential for the brand to count with a multichannel platform like Olos Channel, which allows to manage and monitore the communication with the customer through several channels, besides offering enough data to identify the customers’ preferred ones, increasing the customization in the service.

All those hints help to turn the detractor customers into defenders, but you have to remember of implementing the strategies conjointly in order to have a completer result.

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