3.0 customer service: customer service challenges and benefits

To meet customer service demands, companies need to adapt to a new scenario. This is the evolution of the SAC to model 3.0. But what does it mean? It consists in maintaining traditional means of contact, such as telephone, and the insertion of new tools, such as social networks, email, etc.

All processes are focused on the new customer profile, more informed, connected, demanding and seeking customization. However, companies are not yet adapted to the new parameters of customer behavior.

According to a study by NewVoiceMedia, 78% of business owners have difficulty measuring customer service data. Not to mention that 98% are dissatisfied with the results obtained from insufficient information.

Want to take your organization to SAC 3.0? Then learn about the advantages and challenges of using the new customer service.


Talking about CSC 3.0 implies two increasingly necessary customer service concepts:

  • Omnichannel;
  • Business intelligence.

The first is related to the ability of companies to diversify the channels available for customer service. But not only that. You also need to provide an integrated and fluid experience to deliver service excellence and make your customer more satisfied.

Achieving these goals requires technology resources such as a complete omnichannel platform. Thus, the company will be able to develop the relationship with the customer in the best possible way.

Business intelligence refers to the intelligent and strategic use of data in the service area. Since the collection and analysis of customer information, it is possible to generate useful and relevant knowledge for the attendants to customize the experience.

Therefore, one of the key challenges for customer service to be most effective is in implementing technology and data analysis.


However, the development of CSC 3.0 does not only bring challenges. Managers need to know that this investment provides important advantages for the company in the market. Get to know 3 benefits below!

1. Customization

SAC 3.0 enables greater customer service customization. With quick and easy access to your relationship history, you can identify purchased services, questions, and dissatisfactions, which speeds the fulfillment of demands.

In addition, by adopting the omnichannel strategy, the brand is closer to the customer in their preferred channels, improving communication.

2. Customer Relationship

These days, the goal of any business is to have more than business transactions. Therefore, it is essential to invest so that the customer relationship is long lasting and beneficial to both.

To achieve this, CSC 3.0 tools enable:

  • Understand the customer;
  • Offer quality customer service;
  • Solve possible problems;
  • Ensure the continuity of the relationship.

All of it the potential for customer retention and loyalty, which guarantees better long term results.

3. Competitiveness

Companies are more dedicated to providing a satisfying customer experience. This makes brands differentiate themselves from the competition in the customer relationship and ensures a competitive advantage.


Omnichannel is already part of the reality of consumers, with research and shopping crossing different relationship channels, such as phone, website, app, email, physical store, social networks, etc.

For the company to successfully implement the strategy, it is essential to have a reliable omnichannel platform such as OlosChannel.

The tool relies on data intelligence to identify customer’s preferred channel from relationship history, making the approach more assertive and increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition, the solution offers several features to make customer service completer and more effective, such as automatic dialer, digital agent integration and IVR, among others. Contact us now and learn more!

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