Top 5 Customer Service Channels

Nowadays, customer service quality is determined by a number of factors. These include the diversity of available channels and contact efficiency. After all, these aspects are responsible of providing a more satisfying customer experience.

And customer satisfaction about customer service is what determines the chances of retention and loyalty. This justifies how companies have been investing in order to improve the quality of this area.

In this context, diversifying service channels is critical to meet consumer demands in less time. In addition, it is always possible to be present in one of the customer’s preferred media.

Here’s what key customer service channels you must offer and why.


The decision about what channels the company will be in should be taken according to the brand’s target audience. Still, some channels are essential to any customer relationship strategy. Meet the top 5!

1. Telephone

Although traditional, telephone is still an indispensable option for businesses. Even with new communication channels being more and more common due to the spread of technology, the telephone should not be left aside.

According to NewVoice data, phones still account for 68% of all contact center calls, which makes it an important option for consumers of different profiles.

2. Email

While the telephone is still an essential alternative, email is a more economical possibility. Other NewVoice research proves this. According to the survey, email and online chat cost about 40% of what a call costs.

Therefore, making email available as a customer service channel is also an advantageous option, once it broadens the channels used being cheaper and efficient.

3. Chat

Like email, chat is also a more economical option. In addition, the solution is considered one of the alternatives that best meets the demands of modern customers.

The Chatbots, for example, use artificial intelligence to provide an efficient customer service experience. It also allows you to make multiple contacts simultaneously without needing any human attendants.

4. Social Networks

The social networks presence is also a requirement of the modern consumer. Especially when it comes to customer relationship, as your audience also wants to ask questions and learn more through social networks. Thus, providing good service in these media increases the chances of retention.

However, if you do not pay attention to the networks, damages can be big. According to Gartner, not responding via social media can impact on a 15% increase in churn rate, which is the cancellation rate for products or services.

For this reason, companies should invest in tools that enable their presence in digital networks and a fast service, something important in these channels.

5. WhatsApp

Many customers nowadays prefer to engage with brands through communication channels they use in their routine, such as WhatsApp. In addition, the service via mobile apps has grown significantly following customers’ demands.

Main features of this channel include speed of response, informal communication, and efficient resolution of demands.

So, it’s not enough just to adopt the channel in your customer service strategy. It is important to understand these particularities in order to reach the consumer in a proper way and improve their experience.


As we have seen, there are several important channels and it is essential that companies make at least these options available in order to maintain the relevance for their audiences. However, in addition to offering multichannel, communication between them needs to be unified, which will provide a more positive customer experience. But how to do it? It is necessary to invest in omnichannel communication.

This strategy is to ensure fluidity and track record between channels. For example, when transferring a customer service from WhatsApp to the phone, the approach should consider everything that was already said in the first contact.

With this transition, it is possible to understand at what stage the service is, avoiding repeated questions and communication failures, everything without interfering the quality of the experience.


In order to put this strategy into practice, you might want to know OlosChannel. It is an omnichannel software that unifies the company’s communication, integrating different channels, giving complete control of the customer journey.

In addition, by using data intelligence, the tool identifies the consumer’s preferred channel, increasing contact assertiveness.

The software also includes features for self-service, such as IVR, chatbot and digital agent, as well as complementary customer service features, such as automatic dialer, real-time monitoring, call recorder and more.

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