3 technologies used to increase customer service productivity

Productivity is a critical aspect in many business industries, such as customer service, sales, operations, marketing, and even IT. According to the IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research), productivity has been virtually stagnant in Brazil since the late 1970s.

This scenario requires managerial and technological changes, especially in the call center and customer service areas. So, here’s how to increase industry productivity through technology.


Considered to be one of the key aspects of the call center, productivity directly impacts the profitability of a business. This is because when employees can produce more in less time, it reflects directly on profitability.

But how to increase the productivity level of your operation? The improvement can be achieved with an efficient combination of management and automation.

In terms of management, improvements in customer service performance and productivity can be achieved through:

  • planning;
  • Metrics monitoring;
  • Feedbacks;
  • Team training.


In addition to the managerial aspect, there are technological tools that can be adopted to improve productivity. These solutions typically provide process automation by transferring manual tasks to machines. Meanwhile, attendants are available for more strategic jobs.

Check out features that can optimize customer service!

  • Active IVR

With technology, attendants can automatically send pre-recorded voice messages to customers. In such cases, the operator must establish the message and the mailing that will receive it.

In addition to sending the message, it is possible to define specific actions for the consumer to perform. For example, contacting an industry, confirming a medical appointment, or even determining an account due date.

The solution reduces the need for customer contact contacts. This optimizes approaches and decreases the resources required to deliver care.

  • Dialer

The system automates making calls to make customer service more agile and effective and improve productivity. There are different types of dialers according to business preferences and particulars such as:

Predictive dialer: Identifies the time remaining for a call to complete based on the answering metrics and initiates pre-dialing. Thus, the attendant can initiate a new contact as soon as it becomes available;

Preview Dialer: Allows the attendant to access customer information before initiating the contact. Which allows more familiarity with the case and personalization in care;

Autodialer: By identifying an available attendant, the dialer initiates the call and redirects the customer to the operator if the call is answered.

  • Digital agent

The feature uses data intelligence to perform automated answering. But without losing contact humanization and personalization.

Through the technology used, the software provides responsiveness. And at the same time, it maintains the quality and user experience.


To implement a technology that meets the needs of your company, it is essential to have a specialized partner. Olos, for example, has experience and innovative solutions to solve your demands and improve customer service productivity.

OlosChannel is one of those technologies. With an omnichannel platform, the solution facilitates customer relationships and has a call dialer and active IVR to automate customer service processes.

In addition, the company also offers a unique digital agent solution – Olos Web Interactive (OWI). This is an exclusive technology from Olos that includes a visual, sound and interactive platform capable of performing billing, sales and customer service functions such as product demonstration, trading, data collection and more.

This feature uses data intelligence and improves over time for increasingly assertive service. Willing to know more? Contact us now and talk to one of our experts!

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