Why use chatbot as a strategy to generate engagement?

Providing an excellent customer service is the priority in most companies – or should be. A good retention rate, a customer willing to spend more and recommend the company, all of that depends on it.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots, two distinct technologies, have helped improve customer service. Many believe that AI and chatbots are the same thing, but not exactly.

Chatbots are designed to interact with humans in text-based conversations. There are simple chatbots, which capture keywords in the text written by the customer and are programmed to provide basic, rule-based answers. This type of chatbot is limited in the way it interacts with consumers.

There are also chatbots boosted by Artificial Intelligence, which can actually establish a conversation because they understand not just a word but the general context, with regional expressions, different ways of saying the same thing, and can adjust the flow of the conversation while interacting with the customer. Chatbots with AI learn over time and provide an engaging experience. They are therefore critical in the strategy of good customer service and for generating engagement.

Beyond customer service

Chatbots have become notable for customer service, but they can go beyond. With the right programming, chatbots can act as effective sales representatives, generate conversations, and close deals 24/7.

This is possible because chatbots can steer the conversation, can query data from previous interactions, and get to know each person’s needs in depth. As a result, they can present personalized offers, based on the information collected and the conversations conducted. This means that the company can count on an efficient, fast and, above all, customized digital customer service to interact with hundreds of people simultaneously.

Olos Chatbot

Our customized chatbots solution uses natural language integrated to Artificial Intelligence and this means that the conversation between machine and consumer flows efficiently. The communication can happen through different communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, SMS, and also through the company’s website.

As we work with an omnichannel platform, all service channels can be integrated. Thus, the history is gathered and can be easily accessed, even if the conversation with a customer has started on one channel and ended on another.

Improve customer experience using our chatbot!