It’s a fact: a good inbound service can improve customer loyalty

It is common for companies to concentrate their efforts on sales, marketing, and product development, leaving customer service in the background. Not rarely, when calling, the consumer is faced with a slow system, with extensive menus and full of options, or attendants who do not solve the problem.

Companies that do not invest in customer service are losing business. Keep in mind the following:

Good inbound customer service is capable of resulting in a customer’s loyalty, or their loss. A study by Salesforce Research showed 78% of consumers will buy again from companies that have excellent customer service. Another similar study, by HubSpot Research, revealed that 93% of consumers are willing to repeat their purchases from companies that provide excellent customer service.

Good customer service can reverse a bad experience. According to a study by Qualtrics XM Institute, 80% of consumers said they would forgive a company for a bad experience after very good customer service.

The customer’s contact with the company happens for different reasons and it is necessary to be prepared, understand the request, and decide what to do, in a customized way.

Why did the customer call you?

  • There was an internet search and/or a visit to the company’s website;
  • Indicated by a friend, relative, or digital influencer;
  • An advertisement generated interest and contact;
  • There is a need for information or support;
  • There is dissatisfaction and a complaint to be made.

As you can see, there are many reasons for a call, and a single script of answers does not cover all of them. It is necessary, first, to know how to listen and understand the demand. Then, it is necessary to adapt to the different situations by providing precise answers.

Olos Inbound automated customer service can help in the following way: When contacting by phone, the customer identifies himself by informing the digital agent his ID number, for example, and can speak or type. The digital agent asks the reason for the contact and, using state-of-the-art technology with Artificial Intelligence, the system understands the request and interacts, answering accurately.

If the customer seeks, for example, the second copy of a bill, the system can forward it to the self-service; if the customer wants an indication for technical assistance, the system can ask the customer’s location and provide the address of the closest unit; if wants to make an appointment, the system schedules the appointment interacting with the patient about the specialty, doctor, day and time, etc., besides having the possibility to transfer to a human agent to continue the service in case of more complex issues. When attending this customer, the human agent will have on screen all the information from the history of care as who is the person and your request, aiming to speed up customer service.

Finally, having a digital agent that understands the client on the other side of the line improves the customer service experience and increases the operation’s performance, which nowadays is fundamental for business growth.

At Olos, the solutions are developed thinking about the best way to automate the relationship between companies and clients. A study conducted by Qualtrics XM Institute proves this: those who consider customer service good are 38% more likely to recommend the company.

Transform your inbound customer care into a source of customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing costs and increasing productivity. Our solutions and our specialists will support you in this journey. Just call us!