Having a humanized and tireless customer service

When it comes to customer service, robots are everywhere, although most of us are not aware of it.  This is because customer service by robots is becoming more and more efficient, and it is not always easy to realize that we are talking to a machine and not a human. And this happens especially with Olos’ chatbot, which provides customer service in a humanized manner.

Chatbot is a tool that employs Artificial Intelligence resources to have real-time conversations with clients who seek contact through the company’s website. Yes, chatbots carry out a live conversation from the beginning to the end of the service, and in cases of more complex questions, they perform the transfer to a human agent.

They are also good for building brand credibility and increasing engagement.

Information Menu

A chatbot is programmed with pre-written answers. When the customer contacts it, the tool searches for keywords and related phrases and then presents an answer or a new question.

Customer: How do I get a card?

Chatbot: Are you already registered with us?

Customer: Yes

Chatbot: Great! Can you type your ID Number so I can locate your data?


The Artificial Intelligence provides answers following a menu of options. If the customer says yes to a request, the answer will come from a branch of possible texts for that yes. If the customer says no, the answer will come from another branch prepared for the negative answer.

This is a complex structure, but simple to feed with data and very easy to implement. Olos Chatbot has no mystery!

The chatbot can also be integrated to the omnichannel platform integrating several functionalities. It can, for instance, search for a duplicate of an account and deliver it to the customer, or offer a product that fits the customer’s consumption profile, after accessing the CRM and understanding with whom he is talking and checking if the item is in the stock system. The sky is the limit for chatbots, those tireless workers!

Advantages of the chatbot at your disposal

  • Immediate customer service, no waiting time for customers.
  • Customer service at any time of the day or night.
  • No customer is left without service; all calls are answered.
  • Improves quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Provides data intelligence.
  • Allows for audience mapping.
  • Provides integration with other tools.
  • Enables integration with the omnichannel platform, OlosChannel, which centralizes all communication channels of the voice and text worlds in a single suite, besides storing the history of the customer journey for analysis and planning.


At Olos, we help our clients build really effective chatbots. We help build texts in such a way that the dialogue happens naturally and the user feels welcome and well taken care of.

In addition, we help our clients reduce operation costs and gain more efficiency in customer service processes.