Loyalty and after-sales strategies: how to make them more assertive?

To grow in a solid manner, it is essential that your company develop loyalty and after-sales strategies. Besides that, it is important that the actions are assertive and aligned with the profile of the public and customer service trends.

These measures impact various sectors of your business, but mainly the area of ​​customer service. With loyalty strategies, it is possible, for example, to improve the experience and customer satisfaction, which helps to retain the consumer and increase the profitability of your company.

What is the importance of loyalty and after sales?

Various studies prove that loyalty and after-sales strategies are important for the business to gain consistency, since a fixed customer base is essential to promote safety and profitability. Look at some research that puts this fact in evidence:

  • Conquering new clients is between 6 and 7 times more expensive than maintaining an existing client, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs;
  • Loyal customers are worth an average of 10 times more than when they made the first purchase, says the Institute of Customer Service;
  • According to NewVoice, 50% of consumers do business again when they have a positive customer service experience.

Therefore, loyalty is directly related to a higher profitability of your business, which is also influenced by the quality of the service, as the NewVoice research shows.

5 Loyalty and after-sales strategies

Due to the importance of customer loyalty and after-sales in consolidating results, it is fundamentally important to develop the best practices. Therefore, you would be able to make the strategies to be more assertive.

Following, we have featured 5 actions which can help you in this challenge. It is important to remember that these measurements can be developed both in the internal service and in the Call Center operations.

  1. Always prior a good attention service

A good relationship with the client begins, unavoidably, with the attention service, whether in person or online. Therefore, in order for you to have opportunities to conquer and retain the customer, it is essential to provide a good customer service.

There are several criteria that must be met, such as:

  • Message’s clearness;
  • Problem solving ability;
  • Empathy;
  • Proactivity.

In addition to this, work with deadlines to meet the customers’ demands and thus manage to solve the requests. Diversifying the channels and promoting a single Omnichannel and integrated service is also a differential for any company.

  1. Send customized answers

Regardless of the channel through the attention service will be performed, it is essential to be customized. This shows the client that there is a concern of the brand to promote a differentiated and exclusive experience, which makes loyalty strategies more efficient.

The automated interactions distance the client and should be used only in specific processes, such as the confirmation of a payment.

  1. Offer more than products or services

Currently, consumers are more demanding when talking about the relationship with companies. To meet their expectations, brands need to offer more than just a quality product or service.

Therefore, it is necessary to add value to the customer experience in order to build a positive relationship. For example, if you sell electronic equipment, develop materials on how to use it, with advices on its preservation, maintenance, among others.

These contents will help you improve the experience and the usage of the products by consumers. This will make people remember your brand when going to buy a new equipment or product.

  1. Solve it at the first time

The client’s time is valuable and, for this reason, he wants to solve his demands with simplicity and quickness. In this way, the service ability to solve doubts or problems already in a first contact is an important aspect to obtain a satisfactory experience.

For doing this, your company must monitor metrics, such as the FCR (First Call Resolution), translated as First Call Resolution. This service indicator shows the Service Desk’s efficiency and makes it possible to improve the brand’s results.

Surely, this is one of the most relevant loyalty strategies for you to conquer your consumer. After all, who is not happy and prone to recommend a company when it manages to solve one’s problem at the first time.

  1. Create self-service options

Finally, thinking about facilitating your customers’ life, it is important to develop Call Center and self-service technologies, which allows the client to independently solve simpler and recurrent requests. Examples of such technologies: issue payment orders, change payment dates, consult the delivery time, among others.

In order to make this solution possible, a good option is Olos Web Interactive (OWI). It is a visual, sonorous and interactive self-service platform developed by Olos to automate 100% of the communication between customers and company. The OWI performs various functions, such as collections, sales, SAC, product demonstration and even negotiations.

The platform above can be fully customized according to the customer’s needs. In addition, it can be integrated with the OlosChannel, an Omnichannel platform that provides an effective service in various channels, perfecting the brand’s loyalty and after-sales strategies.

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