How to retain loyal customers in retail with software for customer engagement?

Currently, one of the main goals of the companies is to retain loyal customers with the intention of solidifying their performance. For this, however, it is essential to provide a differentiated experience, conquering the consumer and making it loyal to the brand.

The buying experience had a decisive role in business strategies due to the new behaviors of the consumers, influenced mainly by the access to information and the digital relationship with the companies.

In this scenario, customer loyalty directly impacts the chances of consolidation of the companies. Get to know more about the buying experience and also the contributions of software for customer engagement.

What Is The Importance Of The Experience To Retain Loyal Customers?

Because of the easy access to information and the diversity of specialized companies, consumers have more variety of choice and more awareness about brand performance and product uses. With this, it becomes necessary that the organizations begin to contemplate these factors in the strategies of marketing, sales, relationship and service. In this way, it is not just a department that is influenced by the new consumption patterns, but the whole company needs to direct the strategies to provide richer experiences.

Consumers are more demanding and, according to the Harvard Business Review, 84% of them say that their expectations were not exceeded in the last service performed.

Another relevant fact is that 56% of them believe that it is necessary to have information and supports with easy access to have memorable experiences and achieve customer loyalty, according to Business Insider.

The importance of the provided experiences also refers to how they impact customer perception, because according to Glance, it takes 12 positive experiences to compensate for a negative.

Because of the complexity of developing a whole brand strategy focused on customer relationships, many companies think that this effort and investment does not make up for it. However, they are fundamental. According to the Institute of Customer Service, loyal customers are worth 10 times more for the brand than when they made the first purchase.

With these data we see the strategic and financial relevance of investing in a good shopping experience with the goal of retain customer loyalty. Learn how to do this below.

How Does Engagement Software Contribute To Retain Loyal Customer?

With the digital environment greatly influencing the experiences provided, it is critical to invest in modern and automated technologies to ensure better strategy performance, team productivity and greater return on investment (ROI).

In this way, software for customer engagement is decisive in the chances of retain loyalty. OlosChannel, for example, is a solution that allows mapping the client’s shopping selection, so that consumers’ preferences and fears are better understood.

This type of tool makes it possible to store all interactions between company and consumer and, through data intelligence, presents information relevant to the customer experience, such as services channels with greater affinity, better schedules for approach, language that should be used and moment in the purchase selection.

These data contribute to a more personalized customer service experience and provide the information and support that most consumers believe to be critical to a memorable experience. Thus, Olos’ customer engagement software contributes to the relationship strategy and helps to retain customer loyalty, improving the company’s performance.

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