How the unified communication optimizes the relationship between business and clients

Way more than a trend, the unified communication (aka Omnichannel Communication) is here to stay. After all, this is about the customer service evolution facing a quicker and more competitive market.

If business were sovereign in the buying/selling process some time ago, nowadays the new technologies have inverted these roles, giving the customer a much higher power of decision.

Today the client is demanding and expecting more from the corporations, being connected in several channels. That’s exactly why the “customer experience” is now in the center of the strategy used by corporations looking forward to growing, according to the Forrester Research data.

Looking to this scenario, corporations and call centers must run to fit their service, becoming the customer’s journey more fluid and integrated. Everything focusing in a better relationship between the brand and its target.

Why should you invest in unified communication?

Providing multiple channels for consumer service is only the beginning of this evolution. It’s important to unify and integrate all the mediums, in order to guarantee a good experience to the customer. That’s when Omnichannel Communication comes.

Differently from the multichannel concept – which is focused only in offering several channels for contact, including real and virtual stores, social networks, email, etc. – the unified communication goes way beyond it.

Within this model of service, the customer won’t see any frontiers between the several ways of contacting your business, whether it’s online or offline. Considering that, all the communication must be perfectly integrated and the most assertive as possible.

The more unified, quick, customized and effective the corporation’s service is, the better it will be its relationship with the customers. That’s why the Omnichannel Communication is the most suitable option to supply the Digital Era customers’ needs.

According to the Aberdeen Group Inc., the corporations which invest in Omnichannel solutions have a customer retention of 89%, against only 33% from the ones that don’t use this strategy.

How the unified communication optimizes the service?

You must be wondering about how, in fact, can the Omnichannel optimize your service and bring the results we mentioned before. Here we list the main benefits of this strategy for corporations and call centers. Keep on with us!

Customizing the service

With a unified communication it’s possible to create a service customization and, with that, conceive a more positive experience to the target, whichever channel was used for the contact.

According to the “State of the Connected Customer” report, performed by Salesforce Research, 84% of the customers assure that being treated as a person, and not as a number, is important for them to make a deal.

Generating a good experience to all customer profiles

Whatever is the segment that we are talking about, all the brands have heterogenic customer profiles. Some of them prefer to make a phone call, others will prefer to contact the brand by social media, email, and so on. Not to say that it’s common that the same client contacts the brand by different ways. In order to attend their demands in the best way possible, it’s essential to have a unified communication,

Efficient Data Management

One of the main Omnichannel advantages is the possibility of tracking the customer’s journey and doing its data managements.

With complete reports about each client, it’s possible to increase the service quality and moreover make strategical decisions for the business.

The Unified Communication makes it possible, once in a single software you can gather information about all the contacts made by the customer with the brand.

Analyzing those data is extremely worthful for the corporations, which can use them as a concrete basis for making strategies of segmentation, cross-selling, up-selling, among others.

How to implement a unified communication solution?

Making the unified communication possible in corporations and call centers depends on having a good software for customer engagement, which integrates all the channels used by the brand to be in touch with is customers.

The OlosChannel, an exclusive software developed by Olos for customer engagement, uses Data Intelligence in order to offer a totally integrated and innovative solution for corporations which look for fitting in the Digital Era.

This technology gathers several communication channels: voice (dialer and ACD), IVR, Digital Agent, WhatsApp, SMS Bot, Chatbot, Email, among others, in a single software – which allows the usage of the most efficient channels for each scenario or the one that the client would prefers.

Looking forward to knowing more? Be in touch with us and ask for a demonstration!

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