How does the predictive dialer facilitate the relationship with the client?

The routine of a Call Center is intense due to the high number of demands and calls, as well as the need of providing high-quality services. Considering this, the insertion of new technological resources, such as the predictive dialer, becomes essential for you to achieve better results.

This technology serves to reduce frustrated contacts and lost calls, as well as improve service time. Learn more about the predictive dialer and its benefits for the relationship with the customer below:

What is predictive dialer?

The predictive dialer uses an advanced algorithm to automate the process of dialing calls. This resource also provides the best time to start a simultaneous call, reducing the Contact Center’s idle time.

The system offers scalability to the Call Center service. This happens because it allows a continuous flow of calls for each operator, which decreases the time that would be allocated to auxiliary tasks, such as dialing the number manually, waiting and, often, the lack of success when trying to contact the client.

How does the predictive dialer work?

The algorithm uses a series of metrics to establish the patterns of each contact and determine its best moment. Among the criteria used to determine the time to start a call, there are:

  • Average Service Time;
  • Number of services by agent;
  • Number of agents available;
  • Number of active agents;
  • Average operating time;
  • Quality of the mailing list;
  • Average dialing time

What are the predictive dialer’s benefits?

Based on data analysis, the system identifies when the current call is nearing completion and the predictive dialer initiates new calls for other contacts on the mailing list. The result is a decrease in time between services, making processes more efficient.

In addition to this, the solution only addresses successful calls to the human agents. In this way, factors such as wrong numbers, voicemail calls and answering waiting time no longer affect the collaborators’ performance.

To assure this model’s efficiency, the operator can also notify the system if it takes longer than expected in a service or when the call ends in a shorter time, which assures the quality in customer service and maintains the collaborator’s high productivity.

Technology’s relevance when attending the consumer

With the service time optimization, the predictive dialer guarantees that the collaborator avoids repetitive tasks in his day-to-day. In this way, your team will be more apt to perform a high-quality service, focusing on efficiency and problem solving.

In addition to this, the predictive dialer makes the analysis of each agent’s performance. Therefore, the one with the best quality service will receive a greater number of calls, with the system directing calls in a way that the the most qualified professionals answer them.

Putting it into practice

In order for you to enjoy the benefits of the predictive dialer, it is important that the Call Center defines a trusted and experienced partner. Olos is a company specialized in the Call Center service and offers exclusive solutions for this sector. Among the options, there is the predictive dialer with advanced algorithm, suitable for the customer’s needs, in addition to offering other models of dialers, such as Automatic and Preview ones. The objective is to meet the different demands and promote intelligence and efficiency at the Call Center.

The OlosChannel, for example, is a software that automates the service, making it quicker and more efficient. An exclusive Olos solution for digital agents that is part of the OlosChannel, Olos Web Interactive uses data intelligence to perform functions such as collection, sales and customer service with excellence.

Our digital agents are adapted according to each public’s profile and are integrated in various channels: voice (dialer and DAC), URA, Multimedia Agent, SMS Bot, Chatbot (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, etc.), email and others. Thus, you make your interactions with customers to be easier.

Learn how it works, contact us and request a demonstration!

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