Automatic call center dialer: know more about the main ones

Sales and collections are undergoing restructurings in order to improve their customer care teams productivity while maintaining their contact efficiency. To meet these new demands, an automatic call center dialer become essential.

After all, productivity is a determining aspect of call center success. This is because it is important to reduce agent downtime and improve the customer care service quality. Keeping this in mind, it is important to define which type of dialer is the most relevant one to your business.

What are available auto dialers for Call Centers?

There are several models, such as the automatic call center dialer. So, to find the best solution for your company, you need to think about the one that best fits your business profile, goals and needs.

It is worth considering aspects such as:

  • Agents’ productivity;
  • Contact Assertiveness;
  • Waiting time reduction;
  • Processes optimization for your operation.

Here are 3 dialer options, including the automatic call center dialer, and the benefits of each one.

  1. Predictive dialer

A very relevant option today is the predictive dialer. It automatically dials several times while the operator is still on the previous call. It does this by predicting the required time for the current call to be finished and the agent to start the next one.

This system uses call tracking and metrics tracking such as average call time in order to perform this calculation. Thus, the tool delivers a viable connection as soon as the previous one has ended.

  1. Automatic call center dialer

In the call center autodialer model, the system waits until the attendant is available to initiate the next call. It then triggers multiple calls at the same time, achieving effective contact in a shorter period, which helps in team productivity.

With complementary technologies, the system identifies effective calls and ensures that good contacts are not missed.

  1. Dialer preview

This type of dialer values ​​the assertiveness and quality of the contacts done. Before making the call, the attendant will view all customer data and press the “dial” button when ready.

The goal is to increase contact efficiency and improve customer service. However, attendant productivity will depend more on training and the quality of issued reports, once operators need to understand how to use this information effectively and productively.

How to optimize call center’s work with OlosChannel?

With a variety of models like the call center auto dialer, it is important for your company to define its goals for a more assertive choice. With this, it is possible to improve the productivity of sales and collection departments and streamline attendants’ job.

OlosChannel is the perfect solution, being a powerful software to help your business. Our tool has features such as IVR, chatbot, digital agent, automatic call center dialer, predictive and preview dialer.

In addition to all of this, the omnichannel platform uses data intelligence to identify what channels each customer likes the most for making contacts. It also can be integrated with different service channels such as telephone, email, WhatsApp, Skype, and others.

Willing to know how to use the call center auto dialer and all the OlosChannel features? Talk to our experts and learn more about it!

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