Learn how to develop a customer-focused marketing strategy

A corporation may have several important factors to keep active and competitive, but to focus on the customers when developing marketing strategies is what assures an increasing performance on the results.

The customer is the most important aspect of all the corporations, once it’s him who determines questions like the final product, the attention service, the values, the communication, etc.

Following, learn more about how to develop a customer-focused marketing strategy and its importance.

Joint the customer-focus with the organizational culture

The focus on customer must not be an abstract proposal, all the contrary. It’s important that this goal is aligned with all the business departments, aiming to perfect the already used strategies and make them more efficient, besides aligned with the customers’ demands. It means the focus must exist in all the business’ sectors, even those who don’t directly deal with the final customer.

Be customer data-based

Nowadays, the marketing and relationship tools, like CRM, provides a series of useful information about the buying journey, so the analysts can base their business decisions on concrete data.

Thereby, the data collecting and treating is a fundamental step for a customer-focused marketing and for better results. An example would be the leads’ segmentations, which allows to customize the approaches and make them more efficient.

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The metrics may be used in all the phases of the buying journey, since the first contact with the website until the post-sales, promoting and encouraging feedbacks that contribute to perfect the strategy.

Stablish the communication channels

With the new behaviors from the customers, it’s important to all the brands to be at the same channel of their customers. For example, for a B2B corporation, LinkedIn may be a more interesting network than Instagram.

Therefore, it’s important that the brand performs a mapping of the personas. Currently, not only data like gender, earnings and location may be used to segment a target, but also its fears, expectations, relationship history, journey’s stage, etc.

By doing this, the business must identify in which channels they must act, prioritizing an Omnichannel communication, which provides more customization and efficiency with the customer.

Monitoring the performance indicators

Thereby, it’s relevant to define the key performance indicators (KPIs) which are the most important metrics for the decision making and which directly help to understand the team’s performance and the relationship with the customer, with indicators like evasion, NPS, average ticket, among others.

Follow up the customer’s journey

In order to have a customer-focused marketing strategy, it’s necessary to monitor and to know the buying journey, identifying all the stages lived by the customer until he makes his buying decision.

Starting from that, it’s possible to identify constraints or less effective constraints, and correcting these problems to make the journey more efficient and improving the sales and the customers’ loyalty, once his buying experience is improved.

To make effective everything we’ve previously explained, it’s important to count with a customer’s engagement software, like Olos Channel, which allows the journey’s monitoring and provides several channels of service, optimizing and improving the communication and the relation with the customer.

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