How to improve the attention service in big corporations?

The increasing competitivity made a new aspect to be relevant for the customer’s satisfaction with the brand he consumes: the attention service quality. Even though this factor has always been important, nowadays it became something determinant for any corporation to consolidate.

Customers have become more demanding in what refers to the attention service, looking for more practical options to be in touch, less waiting time and effectiveness on the solutions.

Therefore, big corporations, such as the medium ones, must invest in strategies that aim to increase the customer satisfaction by improving the attention service. Look the main hints below!

Diversifying the service channels

Nowadays, the customers satisfaction is directly related to the diversity of channels available for him to be in touch with a brand. The Omnichannel experience earns relevance in this scenario, once it’s easy and efficient.

Appraising customer’s experience

Many corporations have still not understood that the service channels must be thought appraising the customer’s experience. Even the decision of being or not in other channels must be taken based on this premise.

For doing this, it’s important to consider the target’s profile when determining why a channel will be incorporated to the strategy, which language will be used, the approach, between other factors, always aiming to increase the customer’s satisfaction.

Investing in Automation

The automation is present in several strategies and it’s earning more and more relevance on the interactions between brands and customers. By this solution, the processes can be performed automatically, making the operation easier, reducing the response time and reducing costs.

Talking about relationship, a good example is the auto service – by chatbot, digital agents, and others – in which the customer can solve his demands by himself, without the need of interacting with an agent, improving his experience.

Monitoring New Technologies

The evolution of the new technologies has reached a rhythm never seen before, and to keep the relevance and among the protagonists of the market, it’s essential that the corporations understand and assemble new solutions to its businesses’ practices, obtaining different kinds of improvements.

Among the technologies which are amid the trends for the next year, there is the big data, cloud computing, data analysis and data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

Monitoring Customer’s Satisfaction

One of the benefits of the digital processes is that almost every aspect of a business can be monitored and quantified, and the same occurs with the customer’s satisfaction.

A good way for following up this metric is asking it directly to the customer with an evaluation form after the service is done, what can be done by phone, social media, e-mail or other channels.

Adopting a relationship software

One of the main strategies in order to optimize the service and reduce costs is the deployment of a software for the relationship with the customer.

For doing this, it’s important to choose a customizable platform, which allows you to modify it according to the demands of each customer, made by a developer who is experienced in the area.

Olos Channel, for example, provides a more complete solution, capable of attending other demands, as automation, channels diversity, customer’s experience and constant technological updates.

Want to know more about this solution? Contact us and ask us a demonstration of the Olos Channel!

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