How to improve customer experience with omnichannel platform?

Nowadays, a brand’s ability to remain relevant and profitable is directly related to customer experience. To ensure a better relationship satisfaction, an omnichannel platform becomes increasingly important.

The omnichannel platform ensures that the customer can contact the brand through different channels. This enables communication to be fluid and personalized, even if there is a channel change in the middle of the interaction. This ensures a better customer experience.

Following, learn more about the importance of delivering the best customer experience and how the omnichannel platform assists in this process.

What is important about customer experience?

Technology and information diffusion have made consumers more and more demanding about their relationship with brands. Hence, the experience provided becomes very important in the possibilities of a business being successful.

According to RightNow research, experience is even more important than price. In total, 86% of consumers said they were willing to pay up to 25% more if they receive better service.

In addition, the quality of service also impacts the chances of consumer loyalty, which is a key factor in raising business profit. According to Marketing Metrics, the chances of selling for a new lead is between 5% and 20%, while the probability of selling when talking about a base customer is from 60% to 70%.

Once you understand the importance of the customer experience, it is essential to know the impacts and benefits of an omnichannel platform.

What are the advantages of an omnichannel platform?

If the goal is to attend new consumer demands, the omnichannel platform becomes essential. According to NewVoice, 60% of consumers switch the channel of contact with the company depending on where they are and what they are doing. Ensuring a satisfactory experience in this change is crucial for the customer loyalty.

Here are three aspects of the omnichannel platform that impact the customer experience.

  1. Unified Communication

The first and most crucial aspect of omnichannel is the guarantee of having an unified communication. Through technology, all interactions between customer and brand are centralized on the same platform.

Thus, if the customer is in the middle of a telephone call, for example, the agent can access requests made via email, SMS and social networks, getting to know the subject and keeping on with the service in an efficient and customized way.

  1. History Analysis

In addition to having customer history available for consultation, the technology allows us to deepen knowledge about the public profile through data analysis. Which generates valuable insights to identify trends, frequent problems, operational barriers, and more.

For example, you can see chatbot service growth compared to other channels. With this, the company identifies this demand and can make more assertive investments in customer preferred channels.

  1. Channel Diversity

Omnichannel communication allows the customer to contact the company through several different channels. Which influences his experience in a positive way. Instead of waiting for a certain time to call, the customer can send a message via WhatsApp as soon as they need service, for example.

Another relevant aspect is that, despite the various channels, communication is fully integrated between them. It allows you to attend demands even if the channel of the request is different, which guarantees solidity to the brand identity.

How can OlosChannel help in this process?

One of the challenges that managers face when implementing an omnichannel platform is identifying a partner with sufficient know-how in technology solutions. Based on this demand, Olos has developed OlosChannel, a customer service-focused engagement software to deliver the best possible experience.

The tool maps the customer journey, identifying the service history for the contact to be the most relevant as possible. In addition, the solution analyzes customer preferences so that the contact is made on their preferred channel.

With all these features, OlosChannel ensures a more assertive communication and better customer relationships, being a complete omnichannel platform. Learn more with our experts! Contact us and request a demo.

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