How to improve customer experience with chatbots for financial companies?

The financial sector, like other segments, identifies a need for innovation in customer care service. That is because nowadays you need to provide a more satisfying customer experience, which increases the chances of retention and customer loyalty.

Aligned with this quest for a better customer experience, we have new customer service technologies such as chatbots. That is, self-service solutions that reduce waiting time, lower department costs and ensure quality interaction.

However, for chatbots to actually deliver the expected customer experience benefits, it is essential to employ good practices. Find out which ones!

5 tips to improve customer experience with chatbots

Despite the efficiency of chatbots, the development of this solution must be aligned with the different aspects of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to take into consideration the public profile, the type of demands met, among others.

Here are 5 strategies for developing this quality asset in your financial department.

  1. Data Intelligence

Data intelligence is the first aspect to be analyzed. The chatbot itself already uses artificial intelligence to operate. However, the solution should be aligned to good data analysis. With this, from the information we have gathered, machine learning will help to improve the application steadily.

Thus, chatbot must be fed with internal data and customer service history, which helps increase assertiveness and relevance in contacts.

  1. Audience mapping

For the developer team to properly create or configure chatbot, it is essential to previously map the audience of your financial institution. Thus, it is possible to identify some attention points in the language and the tone of the dialogues.

This information is important for the tool to adopt the correct tone when talking to the customer, humanizing the service.

  1. Tool integration

Integration with other service tools is relevant for software to learn from this content and to improve the available solutions. With this, chatbot can meet increasingly complex demands.

  1. Omnichannel Experience

The omnichannel experience is an important aspect of improving the customer experience nowadays. Therefore, the chatbot strategy must be aligned with this demand.

If you adopt the technology, it must be integrated with other service channels. This way, if the customer changes the channel of his contact while interacting with their finance company, there will be no harm to his experience.

  1. Human attendants

Despite the chatbot, human attendants are essential to a good customer experience. By adopting new technologies, their performance can be optimized, once only more complex demands are placed on them.

Still, hardly a company will be able to perform 100% of digitized service. We also have to think about the consumers who are less familiar with the technology. Therefore, attendants keep to be fundamental pieces in their structure and in the creation of a better experience.

How to implement technology in your service?

In order to reach the expected results when employing chatbot, it is essential to define an experienced partner who knows the particulars of the area.

OlosChannel, for example, is an omnichannel platform that can meet these demands as it has self-service functionality via IVR, chatbots and digital agents.

In addition, the tool can be integrated with Olos Web Interactive (OWI), an exclusive Olos’ technology. This feature performs various functions by itself, such as billing, trading, sales, customer service, data collection, etc.

This ensures a better customer experience due to the combination of data intelligence and tool customization. And so your company’s financial department makes it easy to solve simple problems without human interference, such as issuing a duplicate bill.

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