How to implement voice over IP in my company?

The new market scenario requires companies to implement solutions that have been coming up on the digital transformation we live in. After all, it is necessary to attend both customers and demands for more efficiency and economy. Thus, a voice over IP system is a relevant thing to highlight your business.

The voice over IP system has different benefits for companies. But before you read about them, make sure you understand how the solution works and how to put it into practice.


Voice over IP is the same as Voice over Internet Protocol, and that’s what VoIP stands for. This system allows the diffusion of voice traffic by using internet networks. Therefore, instead of using a traditional telephone network, the company can rely on Internet to communicate.

The Internet Protocol (IP) was used for data networks only. However, the benefits and system features made the voice network option come up. That’s why its use is becoming more and more often in corporations.

VoIP actually replaces many features that were previously provided by traditional telecommunication systems. However, these tools present spatial limitations and have more expensive prices.


Now that you know how the voice over IP system works, let’s show how investing in technology can bring real revenues to your business. That’s why it is important to know the advantages of this solution. Check out 4 advantages we have brought to you!

1. Cost savings

The first benefit of installing a voice over IP system in your business is the cost savings. Initially, it is possible to reduce the expenses related to the traditional communication network.

By opting for VoIP, a private communication network is installed, so that users make calls at no cost to each other. This allows all calls between extensions, whether in-house or head office, and other branches to be free of any charges.

Long-distance or even international calls can also be made through the system at more affordable rates. This allows you to lower your long-distance taxes costs.

Cost savings also occur because of the reduced need for system maintenance due to the usage of internet in the whole process.

2. Productivity

Increasing team productivity is one of the key-advantages of voice over IP. This technology provides better integration and communication between areas. It enables you to improve processes agility, decision making, and project completion.

In addition to all of it, the private network may include local phones as well as mobile devices. This way, employees are free to move and can use the network even when in external roles, which directly impacts costs by reducing mobile calls.

3. Customization

The solution can be adjusted to your business needs. Thus, it is possible to attend specific needs, such as:

• Call Forwarding on weekends;

• Increase in the number of numbers and extensions;

• Among other features.

The benefit is that these changes and service improvements always include keeping the security and secrecy of the used networks. That means it maintains the reliability and confidentiality of corporate communications.

4. Digital Transformation

As we initially stated, embracing digital transformation is essential for companies to become more competitive. It provides cost reductions and increase processes efficiency, as well as improve customer service and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, adopting voice over IP technology for corporate communication is important for the consolidation of a receptive internal culture about digital transformation. In this scenario, a qualified partner can help your business on developing technologies to lower your costs and make the customer experience a memorable thing for them.

Olos has created an omnichannel platform to offer a totally innovative solution for companies looking to fit the Digital Age. OlosChannel is a software that uses data intelligence in order to deliver a rich and pleasant customer experience, not talking about the team performance improvements.

The tool uses the voice over IP system to generate cost savings, communication assertiveness, higher staff productivity and services flow monitoring.

In addition, this technology monitors and brings together several channels, such as voice, IVR, digital agent, SMS bot, chatbot, email, among others, in a single platform. That allows the customer to change channels without compromising your support team and will keep a fluid message history across them, what will ensure the quality of customer care service.

Learn more about OlosChannel and contact us now!

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