How to have the customer falling in love for your brand?

Nowadays, the customers are more demanding when talking about brands, making researches before buying anything, not only about the quality of what they are buying, but also about the corporations whose produce these products. This way, the relationship marketing becomes essential for a solid growth.

The relationship marketing consists in a series of strategies focused on the approaching between brands and customers and the maintenance of this relationship in long-term, aiming the customer to be a brand’s promoter.

How to make relationship marketing?

There are several strategies that can be developed when the goal is to improve the relationship marketing and involve the customer, making him loyal and a promoter of your brand. You see the main strategies below!

Promoter Customer

In order to promote a brand, probably the customer will have already related with it previously. Hence, an option would be to monitor the customer’s satisfaction by the Net promoter Score (NPS), a metric used to understand how in love a customer is for a brand.

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It works like this: the customer answers what’s the chance of him to recommend the brand for a friend in an index from 0 to 10. Then, the results are analyzed. Answers between 9 and 10 means the customer is satisfied with the corporation; between 7 and 8 are neutrals; between 0 and 6 are unsatisfied or didn’t have a good experience.

Once you know who are the brand’s promoters, invest in relationship marketing strategies to assure their maintenance.


When a customer is in doubt about what product he will acquire, it’s an option to perform a search to identify brands which has more authority and relevance at the market, opting by those who appear to be more trustable.

Due to this factor, it’s important to invest in branding, which consists on strategies developed to send a positive perception of the brand, like the visual identity, its language, the brands values, experience, etc.

Buying Experience

A customer only recommends the brand when he has a satisfactory buying experience with it. That’s why it’s important to assure this aspect not mattering the channels used for the relationship marketing or sales.

The buying process must be pleasant for the e-commerce, physical store, social network, email, among others. For doing this, it’s important to count on a solid strategy and coherent with the brand’s values in all channels.

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Customer Loyalty

The customer loyalty is the capacity of making the experience so satisfactory that the customer returns and keeps loyal to the brand. For doing this, it’s important to develop personalized rewards strategies for the customers, assuring the retention but also the promotion of the brand.


Overdelivering is the relationship marketing strategy which consists in deliver more than what was promised to the customer, exceeding his expectations. For example, sending a discount ticket for a next buying or a gift along with the product.


The customer’s relationship can also hugely depends on having available tools, so that you can improve the existing information and personalize the service.

Among the available solutions, there is the “Olos Channel”, a multichannel tool which allows the customer to have a better experience when making available resources for a more receptive and active service, contacts personalization and relevant metrics in order to improve the corporation’s relationship marketing.

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