How to develop emotional connection and increase customer loyalty

Business success depends not only on acquiring new customers, but also on the ability of retaining customer loyalty. In order to achieve this goal, customer satisfaction is a key part of any relationship strategy.

However, customer satisfaction is not that simple to achieve and demands a number of factors. For example:

  • Customer experience;
  • Product or service quality;
  • Service efficiency;
  • Emotional connection with the brand.

Among the aspects mentioned above, in this post, we will talk about the emotional connection development. After all, this factor, although fundamental, is still not so valued by companies.

But research from Harvard Business Review proves the importance of building meaningful relationships with customers. According to the study, emotionally satisfied consumers are twice as valuable to the company as those just satisfied.

Here’s how to create emotional connection and how to increase customer satisfaction with the brand.


To develop an emotional relationship with customers, companies must value more than strictly business aspects. The success of the strategy depends on several factors. Here are 4 points:

1. Value the agents’ performance 

Agents will be the customer point of contact with the company, either in person or by telephone. Thus, the first aspect for customer satisfaction is to value the performance of operators and prepare them to increase service quality.

Thus, it is possible to work on the way the agents behave, the language they use and the approach they take, which will improve customer perception of the brand. So, pay attention to the employees’ qualification and preparation first.

2. Be empathic

Empathy is the human capacity to put oneself in another’s shoes. By conducting this reflection, understanding what the consumer is feeling and how to assist them, the agent will provide better customer experience and satisfaction.

In customer service, this attitude differentiates simple problem solving and helps create emotional connection. In addition, with a helpful, efficient and friendly approach, the agent also optimizes the relationship with the customer.

3. Know the relationship history

In order to create a true emotional connection, it is critical to value your customer’s relationship history. For this, the attendant must have access to previous contacts, so that he can properly understand customer’s demands, questions, complaints, purchased products, among others. Therefore, the service will be more assertive.

Here’s an example: When calling to offer a new plan, check customer’s consumption history. This explains the reason for the current contact because the customer has already contacted you in the past to request additional postage.

4. Customize the call

Focusing on selling more, many companies choose to mechanize their calls, which eliminates the possibility of customization. But it is precisely personalization that enables greater brand identification and increases customer satisfaction.

To customize service, the operator must know the consumer’s demands to offer a more advantageous solution. In addition, it is important to have omnichannel communication to identify the customer’s preferred channel for the contact to be most effective.

How important are customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?

By establishing an emotional connection, consumers are more likely to maintain the brand relationship and buy again in the future. This is because the experience was positive and generated satisfaction.

Another relevant aspect is that the emotionally satisfied customer tends to promote the brand. It may happen by indicating the business to friends and acquaintances as a reliable company, enhancing brand’s reputation.

Therefore, customer satisfaction reached by emotional connection can be twice good. Not only for generating loyalty, but also for valuing brand’s image, which will generate good results for the company as a whole.


To increase customer connection with the brand, omnichannel communication is an efficient strategy. This is because it provides an integrated experience with other channels and shows that the company is able to serve customers according to their preferences.

Thus, the brand becomes able to create more bonds with the consumer, increasing customer satisfaction and the chances of loyalty and retention. Do you want to know how to implement this type of strategy in your business?

OlosChannel, Olos omnichannel platform, enables communication management and monitoring across different channels. The tool also has features that help customize service, as well as map the entire customer buying journey.

In addition, OlosChannel has complete and customized reports to understand customer brand behavior. This allows you to adjust strategies to deliver a great experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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