How does data intelligence improve the customer experience?

In the new market scenario, Brazilian companies have already understood that it is essential to have data intelligence as part of their ​​strategy. This happens because the usage of this information helps to improve the customer experience and increase the results of your business.

Even so, many managers have doubts about how to use this data and what structure is necessary for developing this area. So, read on to find out how to implement this resource in your company! 

How data intelligence helps in business strategies

Nowadays, users, companies and the public sector produce data at a speed never seen before. That has changed the way markets and corporations operate, as well as altered decision making and customer service. If in the past a good manager was one who had the “feeling” of the business, now the strategic decision making is much more related to the ability of using and understanding the generated data.

The importance of tools for data collection and processing

The speed of data production also requires a shorter processing time. For this reason, many managers, despite knowing the relevance of data intelligence, have difficulties to deploy this solution.

In order to fulfill this demand, your company must invest in adequate tools for collection, treatment, processing and storage. These tools allow you to collect both structured data (texts, reports, blogs, etc.) and non-structured data (images, audios, etc.) and then standardize them.

Standardization is important for you to verify outdated data, eliminate duplications and solve other problems that could compromise the results obtained in the analysis. These and other demands are met by using intelligence tools.

The challenges of customer experience-oriented data management 

But how to use the data to improve the customer experience? Today, data intelligence faces a series of challenges. Following, we have listed the main ones:

  • Large amount of data available;
  • High-speed processing and updating of information;
  • Diversity of sources and types of data to be analyzed.

In order to solve these barriers, the first step is to understand your public, based on the company’s database. Then, the managers must maintain the constant updating of the data so that the information does not become obsolete.

To help the use of data intelligence and thus improve the customer experience, you can count on OlosChannel. This is the Omnichannel Olos platform focused on the client’s engagement in an intelligent way.

The software monitors the customer’s journey, using data intelligence to process contact information and identify consumer trends and preferences. With this, the system provides a personalized service and engagement with customers.

The OlosChannel also generates complete reports so that the most relevant information for the company can be highlighted. Thus, it is possible to transform large amounts of data into business knowledge and a better customer experience. Do you want to know more? Contact us and request a demonstration now!

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