How does behavior analysis impact the customer experience?

Conquering competitive differentials depends directly on the experience that is provided to the customer during the prospecting, buying journey and after-sales relationship. To improve the quality of service in these steps, it is essential to develop techniques of behavior analysis.

The digital age has allowed unprecedented access to the different communication channels and technologies, making consumers, regardless of his profile, have access to these resources. In this way, companies are also required to adopt digital channels, making them increasingly meaningful in the relationship.

In this post, we show the importance of customer experience and how it is affected by behavior analysis with new tools and technologies. Keep reading!

What Is The Importance Of Customer Experience For Brands?

Several researches reinforce the idea that the customer experience is increasingly relevant in the ability of companies to win over and retain consumers. According to a report by Verndale Solving for CX Survey, for example, we note that:

  • For 92% of marketers, personalization is critical to the customer experience;
  • On these marketers group, 51% believe that the companies in which they work do not offer the desired customization by customers;
  • Among these professionals, 63% still believe that big data functionality and analytics would be the key to improving the customer experience in organizations.

It is also relevant to highlight that the same research indicated three fundamental elements to improve the personalization of the customer experience, according to the professionals consulted, being:

  • to 46% are real-time insights;
  • to 40% greater capacity to gather customer data;
  • to 38% improvement in the analysis of customer data.

Thus, it is highlighted that the new strategies and tools are central elements to improve the relationship with the customer and the results of the business.

How Does Omnichannel Strategy Improve Customer Experience?

A central factor in the ability to provide a better customer experience and service customization is the adoption of the omnichannel strategy.

An omnichannel solution increases the diversity of channels available for contact at the same time and makes the service personalized, giving the customer the opportunity to interact at the moment you want, by the channel that pleases you. This customization is possible because the multichannel platform uses data intelligence and customer selections tracking to identify the consumer’s most affluent channels, making the company take more relevant approaches in the future.

How Does OlosChannel Allow Behavior Analysis?

Behavior analysis is essential to provide more personalized and satisfying experiences. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute has found that companies that act with data increase the odds of acquiring customers 23 times, and six times those of retaining these consumers.

With this trend in mind, Olos has developed OlosChannel, a solution that brings together several channels such as voice (predictive dialer, DAC and active and receptive URA), digital agent, SMSbot, OWI, Chatbot (Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) and Webchat in a single software for customer engagement. This whole selection is recorded in unified reports on the Olos platform.

Through this solution, your operation will be able to understand customers’ behavior, selections and preferred channels. As a result, complaints about unnecessary drives tend to decrease and loyalty increases, improving the quality of service and the results of the area.

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