How do I make the customer experience the focus of my business?

Competitiveness in all segments requires companies to dedicate themselves to consumers. In this sense, improving the customer experience is essential to stand out in the current scenario, retain consumers and provide business growth.

However, a memorable experience is not only related to customer service, but to the culture of the brand as a whole being geared to customer needs.

Next, learn how to develop your business so that the customer becomes the focus of your performance!


The customer experience is so important that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better service, according to Walker Info.

Know the strategies that can guarantee these results to your business!

1. Internal engagement

Initially, as mentioned, it is not just about service, but about the whole business being customer oriented.

For this, it is important that all employees understand what the customer experience is about and are committed to it.

Adequate training and tools are two important steps to achieve this team engagement with the consumer.

2. Detailing of information

To provide a complete experience, it is essential that all information is available to the customer, such as:

  • Hiring date;
  • Type of service and availability;
  • Due date;
  • Payment method, among others.
  • The detailing of the information is relevant to the consumer not having that unpleasant feeling that the company is “hiding something”.

Therefore, facilitate consumer access to all data regarding the contract or service.

3. Customization

Nobody likes to be treated like just another one. In the relationship with the customer, this aspect is increasingly decisive.

Service customization involves not only calling the customer by name, but also:

  • Have access to history;
  • Do not make the customer repeat personal data;
  • Know your favorite channels;
  • Make offers and suggestions tailored to his needs.

With humanized and exclusive service, the customer feels that the brand is committed to solving the demands and fulfilling their wishes. In this way, even more complex and stressful problems are mitigated and do not harm the relationship.

4. Transparent return policies

In several segments such as e-commerce, retail, healthcare operators and airline companies, the return policies must be transparent and accessible to the customer on the company’s website.

The consumer should not need to contact an attendant to understand or request a return or change in the service.

However, if he makes this contact, it is essential that the operator is helpful and agile in solving the problem. Whether to provide information or meet demand. Which directly impacts customer satisfaction.

5. Request positive or negative feedbacks

Many companies only ask for feedback when they know it will be positive. However, negatives have significantly greater teaching potential.

Learning from mistakes is one of the main goals of feedbacks. Therefore, always request this evaluation from the customer. Thus, it is possible to improve service by identifying failures and successes.

6. Invest in digital agents

Digital agents are effective options for more agile and personalized customer service. This is because the solution allows self-service. In other words, it is possible for the consumer to perform several procedures, without the need to contact a human attendant.

Not to mention that the resource uses data intelligence and manages to improve over time.

7. Be omnichannel

Currently, another requirement is that the customer experience is not affected by the channel used. Thus, regardless of the means of communication, excellent service must be guaranteed.

Therefore, it is important to bring all channels together to facilitate communication, without losing what was said earlier in the conversation. As a result, the approach becomes more assertive and generates better results for the client.

A complete and fully integrated tool, OlosChannel enables a unified service with email, WhatsApp, video, Facebook, phone, SMS, chatbot, Telegram etc.

The technology can be used by different segments that need to improve the customer experience, such as retail, banks, e-commerce, health (hospitals and clinics), airlines, Telecom operators, investment brokers, among others.

With the system, it is possible to offer a fluid experience and increase satisfaction with the service, increasing the chances of retention and loyalty.

In addition, OlosChannel has an exclusive digital agent, Olos Web Interactive (OWI). It is a visual, sound and interactive platform capable of performing collection, sales and SAC functions.

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