How can self-service tools improve customer satisfaction?

Companies are looking for solutions to increase customer satisfaction with the brand. In this scenario, self-service emerges as an easy and affordable answer.

After all, through self-service capabilities, consumers can request different services and information across a range of channels. Best of all, without relying on an attendant to solve your demands.

But why should organizations care so much about service? That’s because, for 80% of consumers, the experience offered and quality of service are just as important as the quality of products and services, according to Salesforce research.

Next, learn the importance of self-service for customer satisfaction and how to make it possible in your business!

What are the advantages of self-service?

Self-service provides a number of benefits to organizations and customers. Therefore, investment in this technological solution is likely to increase in the coming years. Especially because the feature helps retain and retain customers in companies, providing a return on investment.

So, know the main advantages of adopting the practice in your operation:

Cost Reduction: The company reduces staff costs and also reduces overhead on some more costly channels such as email and telephone;

Time optimization: The customer does not have to wait for an agent to be available to serve it, as it is possible to move the issue on its own;

Availability: Systems operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, without the need for available attendants all this time and offering more customer flexibility;

Autonomy: the consumer is at the center of the relationship with the brand. Thus, it has autonomy to define which type of care is most appropriate to the situation.

The result of all these benefits is increased customer satisfaction. Once the consumer feels that the service strategy has been developed according to their needs.

What self-service solutions do you use?

Despite the advantages, many companies are unsure which self-service solutions to adopt for best results. Here are three main ones:

Chatbot: In this option, the customer has self-service via chat options such as WhatsApp, SMS, website or social networks. An intelligent robot interprets communication and offers the most appropriate response to the case;

IVR: Audible Response Unit enables self-service via telephone. This enhances the customer experience by targeting the customer assertively and in less time to the attendant or specific industry;

Digital agents: These are solutions that can be integrated into phone, chat, website and other channels. They can assist the customer in solving a problem in an automated and intelligent manner.

In addition to enabling the customer to conduct the service process, the tools enable the collection of information to perform the most intelligent and strategic service.

By capturing consumer preference data, the company can deliver a personalized experience. This way you can identify the channel by which the customer prefers to be approached in the future according to the reason for the contact.

How to implement the solution in business?

To increase customer satisfaction and achieve better results in your business, you need to get ahead of the competition and start implementing the feature. But how to find the right and efficient solution for your business? Meet Olos Web Interactive (OWI)!

Olos’ exclusive technology, the feature consists of a visual, sound and interactive platform capable of performing billing, sales and customer service functions. For example, the tool can perform product demonstration, trading, duplicate issuance, data collection, and other actions from start to finish.

With data intelligence, technology improves over time, making contact with the audience more assertive, and providing personalization in communication.

Learn how OWI can be implemented in your business and schedule a demo visit!

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