Excellence in customer service: tips for conquering new customers

Every business wants to have excellence in customer service department. However, most businesses are still unable to connect with the digital consumer and deliver a truly innovative experience.

Among the current companies’ limitations are problems like the inability to analyze data, lack of investment in technology and analog processes, etc. These challenges need to be overcome in order to achieve an excellent customer service.

Salesforce’s survey – State of the Connected Customer – proves the importance of service quality. Check out some data:

  • for 80% of interviewed people, experience is as important as quality products and services;
  • for 84%, being treated as people rather than numbers is very important when making a deal;
  • for 95%, brand loyalty depends on trusting it;
  • 67% prefer to pay more for a great experience in customer service.

Therefore, the digital consumer is more demanding and has more expectations regarding brands. In order to achieve these expectations, various strategies and technologies can be implemented.


What can be done to improve customer relationships and provide quality service? It is important to invest in strategies such as personalization, efficiency and humanized service. But beyond that, managers can go further.

Here are three tips on how to achieve excellence in customer service and conquer the digital consumer once and for all!

1. Analyze consumer behavior

It is essential that the company knows the consumer, its goals, expectations and needs, so that they can be treated as people and not as numbers. Thus, it is possible to provide a personalized customer experience in attention service.

For doing this, it is important to act analyzing the customer behaviors. In this case, the company should consider both the target audience’s profile as a whole and its individual relationship history.

So, the next step is to define what to do with this data and information. Relationship strategies, for example, should be based on the target audience’s behavior.

The service should be performed based on the customer data itself. For example: service or product that was used, reasons for the contact, brand satisfaction, suggestions and complaints, among others.

2. Provide a good customer experience

Achieving customer service excellence and increasing the chances of customer loyalty requires customers to have a good experience. However, this will depend on how much your business knows them.

Mapping the buying journey can help you in this process. By monitoring behavior, you can know what will be the customer’s next steps and how satisfied they are with the brand.

But before reaching this level of consumer understanding, it is important to do the basics. For example: perform a fast, responsive service that solves the demands. It includes using:

  • Chatbots for online support;
  • Digital agents to optimize service and perform procedures such as sales, customer service and billing from beginning to the end.

By applying these strategies, the company is closer reach an excellent customer service. In addition, it can differentiate itself from the competition and conquer the digital customer.

3. Develop solutions that meet your audience’s needs

Mapping customers’ path-to-purchase and analyzing their behavior are key things to perform, but they are only halfway. It is important that this knowledge impacts business decisions. That is, enable the development of solutions to meet the identified needs.

For this, it is essential to unite the analysis of business metrics, identifying the main weaknesses of the strategies. This way, you can implement new technologies in order to:

  • Optimize processes and solutions;
  • Improve consumer experience with the brand;
  • As a result, enable excellence in customer service and maintain it over time.


To conquer the digital consumer, it is essential that the brand adopts new integrated technologies to deliver the best experience as possible.

OlosChannel, Olos’ omnichannel platform, enables you to monitor customer journey, providing insights that help you make strategic decisions, which increases the service quality, generates satisfaction, helps with retention and loyalty and, consequently, improves business results.

In addition, the platform integrates several communication channels such as chatbots, digital agents, WhatsApp, social networks, among others. It provides greater efficiency and assertiveness in customer contact and provides excellence in customer service.

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