Customer Experience: how this concept can improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has never been an issue as important as it is today. The consumer is increasingly informed, demanding and expects nothing less than excellence in the service.

But, to create positive relationships and build customer loyalty, companies need to offer a memorable experience. It is necessary to show concern in solving the needs and demands of the consumer, in addition to providing personalized and satisfactory attention.

If the operation does not reach these objectives in customer service and the experience is negative, consumers turn to other options without thinking twice. That is, they go for the competition. The consequences, as you can imagine, translate into results below expectations.

Therefore, it is so important to implement the concept of customer experience in your company. That is, adopt the strategy with a focus on the consumer to achieve customer satisfaction.

How does the customer experience work?

An increasingly recurring expression in today’s corporate world, the customer experience is a complex process. The practice helps to optimize the organization’s relationship with customers at all times, whether in the quality of customer service, or in digital interactions, or even in the resolution of demands.

Therefore, the strategy with a focus on the customer is a procedure that involves various sectors of a company. For example: call center, marketing, commercial, after sales, support, among others.

Thus, the customer experience is responsible not only for customer satisfaction, but for all perception regarding the brand.

What determines customer perception and satisfaction?

Customer perception and satisfaction are two complementary indicators about the timing of your business. After all, to achieve satisfaction, it is necessary to develop strategies to meet consumer demands in an efficient, agile and decisive manner.

But, for you to get a good perception, you need to do more. It is necessary to surprise, personalize, build emotional connection and positive memories. This helps to boost customer loyalty, which provides better results for the organization.

With this, in the current scenario, using the concept of customer experience is the best way to improve your sales and, mainly, offer more and more valuable and rewarding shopping experiences.

How to keep customer satisfaction in practice?

After reading it here, you may be wondering: but, in the end, what to do to have the customer at the center of attention? It is what we will show next. See 5 tips below!

1. Understand your client

It is impossible to obtain customer satisfaction without knowing it thoroughly. After all, the company’s actions must be directed to the specific characteristics, pains and needs of consumers.

For this, the organization must use analysis, interviews and surveys. This serves to understand and map the customer’s journey. Everything to understand who your audience is and what this audience expects from the solutions you offer.

2. Develop a culture of customer satisfaction

Another fundamental aspect to put the concept of customer experience into practice is to include all those who are involved with the company.

That is, create an organizational culture focused on customer satisfaction. With this, it demonstrates to the collaborators, regardless of the sector, the importance of performing efficient processes and services to offer quality in the customer service.

3. Make satisfaction surveys

Nothing better to know if the customer is satisfied with the experience offered by the company to ask the customers themselves, okay? In this sense, satisfaction surveys are an optimal tool.

The strategy can be realized through calls, sending emails, filling out formats, among others. The important thing is to know the perception of the consumer about the business and, in that way, create efficient actions that promote improvements in the service of attention.

4. Promotes good relationships in the service channels

Today’s consumer is Omnichannel. This means saying that you use various channels to relate to the brands of your choice. Then, it is necessary to pay attention to all media to create positive relationships from any interaction.

For the concept of customer satisfaction to be well used in all channels, it is essential to monitor operators. With this, it is possible to understand how individual and team performance is, as well as invest in strategies to increasingly optimize the sector.

5. Invest in technology

To have a successful customer experience strategy, technology is a great ally. With OlosChannel, you have an Omnichannel platform with data intelligence. In this way, it is possible to map the customer’s journey, optimize the relationship with the consumer and integrate the channels.

The software focuses on customer service to offer the best possible experience. Through the platform, you identify the relationship history so that the approach is more relevant, as well as analyze the preferences of the consumer so that the contact is made in the preferred channel.

In addition, the tool brings together various channels: voice (dialer and dac), IVR, digital agent, WhatsApp, SMS bot, chatbot, email, among others.

Thus, the OlosChannel guarantees a more assertive communication. Contact us and request a demonstration.

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