5 trends in Customer Service for 2019

Customer Attention Service is an area which has been for years in the middle of any company’s strategy which looks for growing and entrenching, what makes very important to be always following up the trends of the market to stand out.

The changes in the customer’s behavior started to require a new attitude from the corporations, such as being more engaged and interested in providing a relevant and customized experience.

In parallel, technology has increased the market’s competitivity, making investing only in entrenched strategies didn’t provide the same results anymore, being the innovation a fundamental thing to stand out and obtain competitive advantages.

Against this context, we feature here 5 trends in customer service for 2019 and show how can they be deployed in your business.

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1 – Data Intelligence

The spreading of the technology has allowed corporations to count on Data Intelligence software, without requiring high amounts of investment for this area.

With this functionality, the corporation can collect the customers’ data, process it and generate relevant information which make an impression on the business strategies towards a completer and more efficient customer’s journey.

2 – Experience in Customer’s Service

Another feature which has called the attention in the last years and that is a strong trend for 2019 is the centrality of the customer’s service experience in the corporations’ strategies from different segments, including call centers.

A more satisfactory experience in the attention service can be obtained through more relevant contacts by the corporation and via the customer’s preferred channels, being always important to get that information so that they can be strategically used.

3 – Personalized Service

As we’ve already asserted, but it’s worthy to emphasize again, the service’s customization is one of the main trends for the area in 2019. That means any offer, collection or approach must be performed according to the customer’s history and his or her preferences.

For example, when offering a mobile phone plan, you must consider what the customer uses the most: internet, phone calls, SMS or other services. It doesn’t make sense to offer a new plan which is not going to add anything for the customer’s experience.

4 – Omnichannel Communication

Besides being present in different channels for customer’s attention and relationship, the Omnichannel communication means to provide a different experience on those channels, with a more flowed dialogue and without being a problem for the interaction.

Thereby, for an effective Omnichannel communication, the attendants must have the proper training for different channels, besides counting with the correct tools for providing this kind of relationship.

5 – Auto service

Finally, another trend for this customer’s attention area is the auto service, in which the customer can solve his or her demands without the need of a human operator. Among the solutions like this, there are the chatbots, the digital agents, the URA, among others.

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