4 technologies that improve the customer experience

Customer experience is a decisive aspect for brands to finish sales and also build customer loyalty, which helps improve results and ensure business strength.

According to a NewVoice study, 50% of consumers are more willing to consume again with the company after a positive experience. In addition, 69% would recommend the company to friends.

In this way, the customer experience is essential for success in different segments, such as retail sales, e-commerce, health, telecommunications, education, among others.

Do you want to know how to evolve the consumer experience in your business? Following, get to know some technologies that help in the service quality and in the relationship with the client.

What technologies improve the customer experience?

Technological resources are beneficial in different ways. With this, they contribute to improve the customer experience itself, as well as provide relevant data for companies to optimize processes.

Thinking about it, we highlight 4 examples of technologies that already impact the experience and the relationship between customers and brands. Learn more about them below!

1. Omnichannel platform

Currently, the client already expects companies to have different channel options for customer relations. This brings ease and agility in contact.

But, in addition to that multichannel, the expectation is that there is integration between resources. In this way, a contact initiated in messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, can be transferred to the phone without prejudice to the continuity of the service.

It is important to note that Omnichannel platforms use data intelligence to identify preferred channels. Thus, they direct contacts for the appropriate medium to the consumer. All as a way to make the customer experience more positive.

2. Digital agent

The digital agent is a technology that gives autonomy to the client, since the intelligent system performs different tasks, such as collection, customer service and sales, without the need of a human agent.

But digital agents don’t just stay with simple activities. The resource is capable of executing more complex procedures quickly and efficiently.

An example is the case of collections. Instead of only altering the payment date or reporting outstanding debits, the solution already carries out more valuable collections and negotiations, optimizing these processes.

In addition, technology is able to improve over time to provide more assertive responses to customers. Thus, it is possible to offer the best service to the consumer.

3. Data intelligence

Data intelligence is present in many other technology processes, such as the Omnichannel platform and the digital agent. But how does this resource work?

It is about collecting customer information with the aim of offering relevance and personalization in the services provided. An example is to analyze customer data related to the service preference schedule. From this, it is possible to make targeted and effective approaches.

All this technology contributes to optimize the service, the relationship and the customer experience.

4. CRM

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management), translated as Customer Relationship Management, is one of the most important technologies for the customer experience.

The system guarantees that the brand has all the history of relationship, customer demands and path to purchase, which allows to use this information in an intelligent, personalized and efficient way.

This is a very useful solution, for example, in the call center service. Even because it allows the integration of the data and all the monitoring of the route to automate the contact attempts through dialers.

Therefore, the solution offers a more agile service and a differentiated experience.

How to adopt the most appropriate technology?

Have you doubted where to start? Ideally, your company look for solutions that have these technologies integrated, offering complete and efficient support for your customers.

The OlosChannel, for example, consists of an Omnichannel platform integrated with a digital agent that uses data intelligence to increase the assertiveness of the approaches.

In addition, it brings together other service channels, such as voice (dialer and DAC), IVR, SMS bot, chatbot, e-mail, among others.

In this way, the tool offers a series of benefits to companies, directly impacting the customer experience. Thus, it is possible to reach current consumer demands, improve brand satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Do you want to implement a complete system in your company? Learn more about OlosChannel and all its advantages! 

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