How to reduce costs with customer service and customer relationship

It was the time that service with quality and customer relationship were considered differential – today, they are mandatory items for the financial health of the companies. After all, the market has never been so competitive, dynamic and demanding.

According to the Mckinsey survey, 25% of customers leave a brand after a single bad experience. That is, consumers expect a great service and, more than that, a memorable experience with the company.

In the case of call centers, the relationship with the customer is at the core of the business and investing in technology, data intelligence and tools to optimize the work of service providers are essential to stay ahead of the competition.

Good news is that it can combine service with quality and reduce costs. That’s why we’ve selected four tips for reducing costs while still providing a good customer experience. Keep following this post!

01. Integrate Several Channels Of Attendance

With consumers increasingly connected to the internet, offering integrated service with several channels is essential. Today, customer relationship management technologies enable you to integrate phone and online media into a single platform, making management easier and dramatically reducing costs.

02. Invest In Self-service

Self-service solutions reduce the requirement for human agents (they will continue to be needed, but in lesser quantity) and offer a better customer experience, since he does not need to get into long queues to be served.

The ARU is one of the main self-service tools. This technology is capable of playing recorded audio, capturing customer information, directing the connection to the most appropriate extension, among other benefits.

In the case of digital channels (social media, chats and others), you can also use the chatbots. As the name implies, this tool deals with robots, which are able to establish a dialogue with the client and solve the problem without the requirement for a human agent.

03. Make Available The Olos Web Interactive (OWI) To Care For Customer Relationship

One evolution of self-service platforms is Olos Web Interactive (OWI), Olos’ modern and exclusive technology.

It is a visual, sound and interactive self-service platform that provides a unique brand experience through graphic features that whet the curiosity and interact with the customer.

Olos Web Interactive (OWI) runs on most web browsers and can be activated via SMS, email, notifications or any other way of link.

This tool was developed to perform all activities that a contact center needs, such as demonstrating products, negotiating, collecting data, and more.

04. OlosChannel: Everything You Need In Your Call Center

The digital agent is one of the functionalities integrated to OlosChannel: technology that optimizes its service reduces costs and facilitates processes. It is a software for customer engagement, with all the necessary functions of contact center, ideal for companies that wish to stand out in the market.

OlosChannel revolutionizes call center operations by analyzing, distributing, segmenting and leveraging your mailing, quickly, to all necessary channels.

In addition, the software also offers a number of other features that optimize service in a single customer relationship platform:

  • Active and receptive URA;
  • Call monitoring;
  • Integration with several service channels;
  • And much more!

Are you interested? Contact us and know all the advantages of our customer engagement software for your company.

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