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OlosChannel is a complete suite, and fully integrated with several communication channels in a single Omnichannel platform, prepared to optimize your Contact Center operation, promoting a better experience with customer service, cost reduction and greater productivity.

By means of exclusive and innovative technologies, we manage to automate the entire inbound and outbound service in Contact Centers. In addition, through mapping the customer’s purchase journey, we find the best channels for you to talk to your audience, whether by SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail, social networks or inbound, outbound or blended channels, in the text and voice universes, and, best of all, everything in your client’s time.

Get to know how to carry out collection campaigns, negotiation of agreements, billings and debts, disclosure of services, sales, etc., everything with 100% cloud operation, also operating in Home Office, maintaining productivity, performance and quality of your customer service.


OlosChannel is Olos’ omnichannel platform, featuring all functionalities that a Contact Center may need:

Dialer (predictive, preview and automatic) - The most awarded dialer on the market!
Digital Agent
Target finder
Digital recording
IVR (Audible Response Unit)
Fast Flow
Data Intelligence

Do you need agility and quality in customer service automation?

Build customizable flows with suitable parameters for each collection campaign

Olos FastFlow is a digital agent that operates in the cloud with simple and fast installation after the scheduling period in which the information and the address of the contracting company are added. The settings can be modified instantly according to the needs of your operations, selecting the person and adding his or her data. FastFlow is perfect for conducting business agreements, billing and debts, collection processes, disclosure of services, reminders of payment commitment, alarms to avoid the payment commitment failure, and messages to call another number.

A strategic solution that Olos provides to the Contact Center market using automation, speed and artificial intelligence, while we are struggling against the COVID-19 crisis.

Two options of digital agents: female voice (Isa) and male (Rafa)
General Rules (alteration in variable phrases, company name, legal consequences ...)
Call types
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How to find

your audience in an

innovative and efficient way?

With OlosWay (Who Are You?), we use Olos voice bot to search for people on your target, calling or transferring them to the right agent, or even scheduling a call, what brings a more humanized digital campaign, being possible to innovate in the choice of a different voice for each operation.

In addition to that, the goals of effective contacts are reached and many times exceeded due to the less time spent in contact with third parties, since the mailing cleaning is one of the advantages of OlosWay, which also generates lower telephone costs.

How does OlosChannel

optimize the operation

in Contact Centers?

A great feature of the Olos Omnichannel platform is its advanced Data Intelligence technology, which, among other functions, can interpret your mailing and distribute it to the most effective channels; analyze unified reports for a global vision of customer service; and offer exclusive solutions for digital agents that provide agility, customizable flows and parameterization according to the needs of each operation.

OlosChannel solution improves the efficiency in the resolution rate right at the beginning of the contact, promotes a better customer experience through the analysis of their journeys, performs assertive and personalized communication both for customer service, as well as for collection or sales operations.

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