Use Olos chatbot and reduce waiting time, get lower operating costs and guarantee quality and efficiency in customer service.

In an increasingly dynamic digital universe, provide your clients with agile attention through the use of data intelligence in all main communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, SMS, and more!

Olos’ solution allows the development of customized chatbot flows according to your business and can be integrated with any provider and artificial intelligence engine, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon.

Our bots use pre-built and customized dialogues to promote automatic customer service through a natural and flowed language, integrated with artificial intelligence.

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Why use
Olos Chatbot?

The demand of consumers regarding the customer service provided by companies is increasing.

In addition, with the expressive increase in customer service calls, it is necessary to find solutions to meet this demand with quality and efficiency.

This is when Olos Chatbot self-service resource can become an important differential for your company.

How does our
chatbot work?

Olos Chatbot solution uses pre-defined and customized dialogues, becoming a self-service resource. Look at an example:

Hello, I am the virtual assistant of Olos Bank.
Let’s start. Please, help me with a question: do you already have the Olos card?

Yes (Customer Answer)

Perfect! Insert your document number, please.
Ready, I've already located your record, Felipe.
I can help you with some issues here.

1 - Reissue of payment bill.

2 – Information about limits.

3 - Other topics.
Choose what you want to talk about and tell me what is the number of the desired option.

No (Customer Answer)

No problems! I imagine you want to join the Olos team and I can help you with some information. You just have to choose:

1 - How does the Olos card work?

2 - Card limits.

3 - Analysis and approval time.

4 - International card.

5 - Card has not arrived.

6 - Other topics.
Choose what topic you want to talk about.

Main advantages of the technology

Promotes agility in customer service.
Enables customer service 24 hours a day.
Generates more convenience for customers.
Increases the flow of solved calls.
Improves the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
Reduces operating costs.

Integrate Chatbot with OlosChannel

The Omnichannel platform is an important resource for improving the customer experience nowadays. For this very same reason, the Chatbot strategy must be aligned with this technology.

That is why Chatbot can be integrated into the OlosChannel and the customer service channels provided by your company, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, SMS, and more!

In the case the client wants to change the channel amid the service call, the data intelligence and the history maintained in OlosChannel allow such a change not to make the client to repeat his data to keep on with the service.

More information

Why invest in the
Olos Chatbot?

Reduces waiting time for customer service.
Offers data intelligence.
Allows audience mapping.
Provides integration with other tools.
Enables integration with Omnichannel technology.

Improve the customer experience

and generate real results for your business